Lifelong guitarist

Allan C Marcus


Allan C Marcus

Lifelong guitarist inspired by his namesake, Allan Holdsworth, and many others. His musical journey began as soon as he was able to hold the short-scale guitar his father had built for him and has been pursuing the art of guitar ever since. Appearing on numerous stages and recordings across the globe as a session and fill-in guitarist, he recently began a solo career that promises what he believes to “push the limits of my harmonic, rhythmic and technical abilities”. Allan has collaborated with a vast number of artists over the years, Abysmal Dawn. From The Hellmouth, Solo, Arecibo to name a few.

The first .strandberg* Allan played was eight years ago and was brought from Ola Strandberg himself.

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"I play .strandberg* guitars because I feel they are the pinnacle of guitar evolution, inspiring, and exquisitely well made. I have been playing them so long that they are almost an extension of myself."

Allan C Marcus