Catapulting the world of progressive rock into unforseen territories

Randy McStine


Randy McStine is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, songwriter, and producer whose diverse career as a solo artist and side-man has led to collaborations with members of King Crimson, Joe Satriani, UFO, Tears For Fears, Miles Davis, King’s X, and many more. Randy’s solo work embraces genres such as Rock, Progressive, Blues, Singer-Songwriter, Folk, Pop, and Ambient music. In 2020, he formed McStine & Minnemann with acclaimed drummer and composer, Marco Minnemann. The duo has recorded and released two albums and made their live debut in 2022. Randy is currently working on new solo music while serving as a touring member of Porcupine Tree, who returned in 2022 with a new album and world tour after a 12-year hiatus.

Randy has also toured and recorded with other highly-acclaimed players such as Vinnie Moore, Stu Hamm, and Dug Pinnick.

We are proud to be a part of Randy’s musical journey as he constantly expands the boundaries of progressive music in all aspects of his playing.

The Boden Classic enters a new era

Boden Classic NX 6 Viridian Green

The Boden Classic NX is the modern and futuristic take of the classic time-tested bolt-on solid body design with many of the same innovative and groundbreaking ergonomic design and functionality features that the Boden has become renowned for. Incorporating a pickguard on a solid Alder body for a cool retro-modern look and a more traditional sound with the Suhr™ Thornbucker Plus humbucker pickup in raw nickel cover in the bridge position and a pair of Suhr™ V60LP single-coil pickups, the new Boden Classic NX guitars deliver tone, style, feel, and the vibe that traditionalists can enjoy while benefitting from the lightweight design and the Boden’s acclaimed ergonomic features.

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“My first encounter with a .strandberg* was in a rehearsal room with Marco Minnemann in 2018. He had his Butterscotch Blonde Sälen Classic NX with him and handed it over for me to check out. I was taken by all of the usual selling points - the futuristic design, incredible comfort, unique feel, and tonal capabilities. Fast-forward a few years, and I’m delighted to have multiple .strandberg* guitars (and a bass!) in my collection for any application imaginable. They are instruments that allow you to channel the archetypes of the past, but more importantly, they have their own distinguished voices that encourage fresh, innovative sounds. Like many, I look forward to whatever they come up with next!”

Randy McStine