Progressive bass powerhouse

Joe Calderone


Joe Calderone is a composer, orchestrator, mix engineer, and session bassist. His original compositions have aired on TV shows like Lego Masters, Making It, Cannonball, Temptation Island, and Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader. He graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2015 with a B.M. in Film Scoring. While at Berklee, he had the opportunity to study Bass with the likes of Victor Bailey and Joe Santarre, and scoring techniques with Michael Sweet, Sheldon Mirowitz, and Kurt Biederwolf, among others. Throughout his studies in music, always analyzing, he has sought to take the best of a wide range of influences, from Tchaikovsky and Koji Kondo to Death Cab for Cutie and Rush. Through his hard-rock influences, he became known for his aggressive rock fingerstyle as well as his unique approach to bass line composition.

In 2016 he released his solo EP Isometry. During that same year, he teamed up with fellow Berklee grads to write an album that sought to take progressive rock in a new direction. The project eventually became Arch Echo, whose debut in 2017 was met with critical acclaim and an enthusiastic following. Tours soon followed across North America, Europe, and Japan with artists such as Plini, Vola, Jacky Vincent, Tony MacAlpine, Periphery, and Dream Theater.

Joe has mixed, orchestrated, and produced for bands across genres, including Arch Echo, Canadian pop group Zarbo, American rock band Mozey, and progressive metal artists Iliad Korin and Poincaré Conjecture. As a session bassist, he’s worked and recorded with many more artists, including Moray Pringle, A Minor Error, Sound Struggle, The Elephant in the Room, Poincaré Conjecture, and countless others.

Aggressive and sophisticated with the distinctive .strandberg* sonic character

Boden Bass Prog 5 Brown 2021

The Boden Bass Prog model was developed for bass players who seek a more modern and aggressive sound that can be fine-tuned with the utmost precision. Featuring a lightweight chambered Swamp Ash body with solid Flame Maple top and Roasted Maple neck with Richlite fretboard, the natural acoustic sound is balanced with plenty of girth but with a bright cutting edge when needed with the bass’s onboard preamp equalization well as the controls on the amplifier. The Richlite fretboard is slick and fast to play, while also providing a lot of highs that help you cut through the mix.

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“My .strandberg* Boden Bass has been a total game changer. The quality woods, incredibly engineered hardware, and premium electronics combine forces to bring an amazing bass tone. After recording “Red Letter” with my Boden Prog 5, I was amazed at how well it sat in the mix, it’s the tone I’ve been searching far and wide for over the last few years. On top of it all, this bass is ultra-lightweight and incredibly ergonomic. My shoulders have never been happier!”

Joe Calderone