Power metal pioneer

Diogo Mafra


Diogo Mafra stands as a prominent figure in the Brazilian metal scene, celebrated for his dynamic guitar prowess and musical versatility. His journey in music took a pivotal turn when he joined Almah in 2014, the progressive metal band founded by ex-Angra vocalist Edu Falaschi.

Mafra’s distinctive style left an indelible mark on Almah’s sound, particularly showcased in their critically acclaimed album, E.V.O (2016). His intricate riffs and soulful solos contributed to the album’s success, earning praise from fans and critics alike for its sonic depth and emotional resonance.

Since 2017, Mafra has been an integral part of Edu Falaschi’s solo band, embarking on a series of electrifying performances that have captivated audiences across Brazil, Latin America, Europe, and Japan. For hundreds of shows including large-scale festivals, Mafra’s onstage presence and virtuosity have elevated Falaschi’s live performances to new heights, creating unforgettable experiences for fans.

Mafra’s collaboration with Edu Falaschi extends to 2 DVDs and the latter’s solo albums like Vera Cruz and Eldorado, which received the highest positions on Amazon Japan.

Mafra’s relationship with .strandberg* Guitars represents a synergy of innovation and performance. As an advocate for high-performance instruments, Mafra has found a perfect match in .strandberg*’s modern sound, cutting-edge designs, and ergonomic excellence. His collaboration with .strandberg* underscores his commitment to pushing the boundaries of high-level guitar playing while delivering electrifying performances.

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“When I played the .strandberg* for the first time at home, I was surprised by the comfort and playability of it. But when I played live on stage for the first time, it felt like magic happening. It’s like the power of a UFC fighter and the sweetness of Brazilian Açai coming out a high performance machine. I don’t know if it makes sense for you, but that’s how I felt… And now I’m a .strandaddicted*.”


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"I always say that musicians and artists are different things, and sometimes we have exceptional cases when a guy is both. That is the ideal world in showbiz. And Diogo is one of those cases. The fact that Diogo has been playing with me for almost a decade is clear that there is a bond of friendship and companionship, but the main reason why we have been together for so long and why I insist on being like this is because besides being a brilliant guitarist, he has a great stage presence and gigantic charisma - an essential factor in my opinion!"

Edu Falaschi