Rising progressive rock and jam sensation

Grant Martin


Grant Martin is an American bassist, known for his role in the revered progressive jam band Mungion. His musical journey began at the age of 15 when he acquired his first bass, teaching himself the instrument initially. Inspired by bands like Primus, Rush, Haken, and Umphrey’s McGee, Grant’s passion for music led him to pursue a formal education in music.

However, at the age of 23, Grant made the decision to leave college and his local band after being invited to audition for his favorite band in Chicago, Mungion. Since joining the group in 2021, Grant has made significant contributions to their musical direction and overall success. His unique improvisational style and innovative use of pedals to create captivating sonic textures have gained him recognition within the jam band scene, affording him the opportunity to share the stage with many of his musical idols.

Beyond his involvement with Mungion, Grant actively engages with the broader music community, collaborating with various artists and mentoring aspiring musicians. He is an advocate for music education, firmly believing in its transformative power to inspire and uplift individuals.

“My Boden Prog 5 is unlike any other bass I’ve played. The 33 inch G string sounds smooth and fat, and the 35 inch B string is incredibly articulate. There have been multiple occasions where I’ve plugged my bass in for a sound check, and it’s still in tune from the gig the night before in a completely different state. I love the way the onboard Darkglass preamp makes it sit in the mix and it’s the lightest bass I own, making it perfect to bring on the road.”

Aggressive and sophisticated with the distinctive .strandberg* sonic character


The Boden Bass Prog model was developed for bass players who seek a more modern and aggressive sound that can be fine-tuned with the utmost precision. Featuring a lightweight chambered Swamp Ash body with solid Flame Maple top and Roasted Maple neck with Richlite fretboard, the natural acoustic sound is balanced with plenty of girth but with a bright cutting edge when needed with the bass’s onboard preamp equalization well as the controls on the amplifier. The Richlite fretboard is slick and fast to play, while also providing a lot of highs that help you cut through the mix.

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"The band has continued to make a name for itself in the jam scene with an endearing blend of personality and musical prowess"

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