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Play Something Different That Elevates Your Playing

Elevate your sound with innovation. A .strandberg* guitar is designed and crafted from the musician’s true perspective. Intuitive design and superlative hardware inspire you to play to your best.

Normal Guitar

.strandberg* Guitar

I know how it sounds… like an advert on TV but… try strandberg and you will not be the same man. This is the ultimate Guitar experience: the design, the craft, the sound. You just need to see, touch, and hear it yourself.

Artur M. – Verified Buyer.

Headless guitars for boundless inspiration

Light as air, shaped for endless sessions, and equipped with a neck that releases the strength and endurance you didn’t know you had.


lightweight guitar

Minimal Weight

Our headless guitars are light as a feather and have a balanced center of gravity. Feel like a butterfly, sound like a behemoth.


Patented perfection

Unleash your true gripping strength with EndurNeck™. Play with greater comfort, endurance, and confidence.

lightweight guitar

Unrivaled comfort

Be free to play however you want with our versatile Boden body shape. Sitting or standing, .strandberg* adapts to your style with ease.

All my other guitars, which are in a similar price range, feel like toys after playing with my Plini. At first, it felt strange, but the more I played it, the better it became. It is definitely my favorite guitar, and I wouldn’t change it.

Nikolas F. – Verified Buyer.


Unparalleled balance of materials, hardware and design creates the .strandberg* sound.


Multiply your sound

Multi-scale tightens and adds punch to the bass while sweetening the treble and enhancing the overall feel and response.

lightweight guitar

More Sound
More Tone

Aerospace aluminum and tight coupling of components ensure maximum vibrational energy, resulting in visceral acoustic resonance that you can feel as well as hear.


A unique sonic character

The seamless flow of sound between premium tone woods, carbon fiber, and aerospace aluminum creates a unique sonic character full of warmth, tonal purity, and brilliance. 

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