An Evolution of the Innovative Spirit

Boden DR Titanium



At .strandberg*, we are always striving to innovate and experiment with new design features, materials and components to develop exciting new electric guitars. The new Boden DR Titanium is the latest culmination of this spirit. DR is our code for new concepts and ideas and this model is the first in a series that will explore the possibilities of the heralded Boden platform.

For the Boden DR Titanium, we considered new finish methods, different wood materials, design tweaks and electronics that are familiar yet different from anything we had developed and produced before. The result is a striking new Limited Edition model that combines the cutting edge with the traditional and high tech with the organic to provide an instrument that is part modern art and part rock-and-roll machine.

New Concepts, New Ideas

Fusing the modern with the traditional is not a new concept in itself but the execution of combining disparate worlds requires innovative ideas in design and manufacturing methods. In the end, the whole has to be greater than the sum of its parts. The Boden DR Titanium features a chambered Mahogany body with a solid Maple top and a Mahogany neck with Richlite fretboard, producing an acoustic character that is unlike any of our previous Boden models. The tone is rich and warm but exceptionally clear and defined

Visually, it’s an intriguing combination of futuristic modernism on the front and woody naturalism on the back. The neck-body joint has been redesigned for improved access to the highest register of the fretboard. The arm bevel on the body has also been altered slightly to improve playing comfort. These enhancements to the current lightweight design and the revolutionary EndurNeck shape help your arms and body meld with the instrument like never before. You will play with greater comfort than ever before, allowing you to focus on your playing and music.

Modern Playability, Classic Tones and Sonic Versatility

As high tech and innovative our Boden electric guitar can get, it is still an organic musical instrument that relies on strings vibrating the woods and creating acoustic resonance which then gets transferred to the pickups and finally to the amplification system. We take great care in the woods, materials and components we choose to get the best possible sounds – both acoustically and plugged in. The Mahogany, Maple and Richlite combination used in the Boden DR Titanium has the famous Boden attack, snap and sustain but with a tonal character that is wholly its own. Is it “better” than our other proven wood combinations? That is up to the beholder, but we can honestly say that it is quite different and extremely pleasing.

To get the most out of this new and different acoustic character of the Boden DR Titanium, we decided to use our new .strandberg* Original humbucker pickups designed in collaboration with Michael Frank. The most versatile set in our lineup, the Original humbuckers can handle everything from modern metal to classic rock and blues and jazz with gobs of authentic and organic tone with startling articulation, definition and dynamics. The woody acoustic character will come through loud and clear with warmth, clarity and spine-tingling harmonics..

The Next Step in the Boden Evolution

The Boden DR Titanium represents the next step in where the Boden is going in the future. We are constantly looking to refine and further improve our designs and manufacturing techniques to develop and produce instruments that will evolve with you in the future. This means that we will never sit still and rehash the same over and over again. Whether you are a modernist or a traditionalist, there is something in the Boden DR Titanium that will connect with your inner artistic spirit to innovate and be creative to fully realize your musical potential. Our motto is that the journey itself will always be the destination and the Boden DR Titanium continues that spirit.


The Boden DR Titanium represents the next step in the evolution of the heralded Boden design. Featuring chambered Mahogany body with solid Maple top, Mahogany neck with high-tech Richlite fretboard, a unique Titanium finish with matching hardware, new joint heel and arm contour for enhanced comfort, and the new .strandberg* MF Original humbuckers, the Boden DR Titanium delivers the stunning looks, the slick feel, the buttery playability, exceptional versatility and world class tone that is both unique and familiar to cover virtually any playing style and musical genre.

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