Defining a new era of modern instrumental progressive music

Joe Lauletta


Joe Lauletta is a guitarist, composer, and educator from Philadelphia, PA. From his humble beginnings as a transcriber for Polyphia, Sheet Happens, and more, Joe is now known as one of the most exciting and original voices in progressive metal. His project Joelaul has spawned collaborations with prog titans such as Jake Howsam Lowe (Plini), Spiro Dussias, and fellow .strandberg* artist Dylan Reavey (AKA Seda), solidifying his place in the lexicon of modern guitar. Be on the lookout for his debut album – featuring high-energy tracks “Villain Voice” and “J-Punk” – due to release late 2024. Outside of his solo endeavors, Joe is passionate about helping other musicians find their compositional niche, and is in the development of several educational offerings to bring a new perspective to the guitar space.

Synergizing huge personality and tone with a minimal footprint, .strandberg* instruments embody “less is more”. I never get tired of telling people that I can now practice legato while brushing my teeth – my lower back doesn’t seem to get tired of it either.

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"Joe is my favorite guitar player on the planet right now. He is genuinely one of the few players in the scene right now with a completely unique voice. As if his playing wasn’t impressive enough, he’s also one of the most talented songwriters of this generation. Can’t wait to see how his music shapes the future of guitar."

Clayton B. King, guitarist for Nothing Nowhere