.strandberg* SPARK 2024 Community Highlights | Season 1

Summer is finally here and we are excited to once again share some of our favorite moments from .strandberg* SPARK, this time from Season 1 of 2024!

Some of the topics that rang in the new year included #memes2024, #guitarstory, #sapling, #layered, and more. Let’s take a moment to see some of the incredible entries submitted by our members for the first Season.


Excitement filled the air for the year 2024 as #meme2024 kicked us off to a fantastic new season of the ongoing community project. Memes are always a fan favorite, and we love having this topic ring in the new year!

As the flood of new entries came in, some people opted to save their best memes till the very end.

John De La Cruz captured this energy both accurately and humorously through his inaugural entry to the year.


For #guitarstory, Adam returns to the group after his win last year for Season 1 of 2023. He tells the tale about how he got his start on the guitar with a video featuring all of his guitars rendered in a 3D-scanned space.

We wouldn’t have expected any less jaw-dropping digital artwork from the former Spark Champion!

Follow along with Adam Czibere‘s guitar journey, and see the exact moment where he “lost his head”.


We absolutely had no idea what to expect for the #punk’d that would’ve topped our own April Fools joke. But this perfectly recreated IKEA instruction manual took the cake for the topic. We found it both hilarious for the occasion and well done.

Would you dare to try to make Isaac Beckett‘s paper guitar stand?

Isaac adds at the end of his post “Anyone who actually tries this: will likely have a heart attack. Please. No. Don’t”


As .strandberg* Guitars, we try to stay on the cutting edge of guitar building and technology. It’s sometimes rare for us to see something that leaves us speechless.

For #predictthefutur, we found something that captured the hearts of both fans and people here on our team.

For this topic, Nathan Freise took some of his favorite parts of every model and combined them into one amazing proof of concept that he calls the “Valoria”.


Sometimes a little friendly rivalry between members inspires the members of Spark to really push the envelope for some of their entries.

Between Aditya Mhatre and Colton Brownlee, they certainly went back and forth on the topic #resample taking two wildly different approaches.

It’s too much for us to decide which one we like more!

Colton certainly knows the game and he’s going to play it with his entry if he wants to get the coveted 10 points for his entry.

While Aditya opted to go for a more traditional, but equally tasteful way of resampling.

2024 Season 1 Winner

And of course, a SPARK Season would not be what it is without a winner taking home a brand new Boden Essential or Standard!

Congrats to multi-season champion, Aditya Mhatre for starting this year off strong!

What is SPARK?

.strandberg* Spark is a one-of-a-kind community project, creative competition, and the official Facebook community for anything and everything related to .strandberg* Guitars, where group members create and post original content based on creative prompts in order to win prizes.

Head here to learn more about the official Spark rules and to join our creative online community!

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