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The Artistry of Extended Range

After exploring the merits of making the switch from a traditional 6-string to an extended-range model, today we’re turning the spotlight onto 3 of our esteemed extended-range artists: Benjamin Ellis, Soumia Ghechami, and Connor Kaminski. Each has embraced the extended range and multi-scale designs of .strandberg* guitars, specifically the Boden Standard NX series. Let’s journey […]

Why You Should Get a 7- or 8- String Guitar

At .strandberg*, our extended-range guitars lie close to our hearts. These advanced models make it possible to venture further musically, and we’ve always loved bringing them from an idea to a finished product. In this article, we cover why you should make the jump from a traditional 6-string guitar to a 7- or 8-string. And […]

Remembering the summer tour

As summer ends, and fall lays its chilly arms around us, let’s look back at the #strandbergsummertour. This was a real joy for us, to see so many of you bring your guitar outside (or inside) to the place where you find the most inspiration. A total of almost 130 images were tagged to join […]