Sälen Jazz Natural

Sälen Jazz Natural


The Sälen Jazz takes a whole new direction – both visually and sonically – with a chambered Mahogany body capped with solid Maple top and Mahogany veneer, Mahogany neck with Rosewood fretboard, F-hole, and a pair of the new .strandberg* MF Classic humbuckers. One of the most versatile .strandberg* guitar models ever with its unmatched ability to explore various shades of clean and low-to-medium gain sounds, the Sälen Jazz can also bark and roar like a true rock-and-roll machine in high gain settings. Hyper responsive to your picking attack and touch, the Sälen Jazz covers a wide spectrum of classic and modern electric guitar sounds to suit a wealth of playing styles and musical genres.


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Sälen Ventures into A New Realm

The Sälen Jazz

What Makes It Special?

The Sälen takes a whole new direction with Mahogany woods and a dual humbucker setup to produce a warm, rich and clear sound that is also versatile and ideal to cover a wide range of playing styles and techniques. All the beloved features of the Sälen are maintained but the Jazz goes further with a chambered Mahogany body with a solid Maple top, F-hole, Mahogany neck with Rosewood fretboard and a set of our new MF Classic humbuckers that provide both vintage-inspired humbucking and single-coil tones for the utmost in sonic versatility.

What Does It Do?

One of the most versatile guitars that we have developed to date, the Sälen Jazz stands out in our lineup with its unique ability to get certain classic sounds that are only possible from Mahogany body and neck with dual humbucker configuration. The Sälen Jazz will produce tones that are thick, warm, and rich with an emphasis in the mid-midrange while maintaining the renowned clarity, definition, responsiveness and articulation that all of our guitars are known for. Although ideal for use with clean and low-to-medium gain sounds, the Classic humbuckers still provide plenty of kick for classic 70’s hard rock and 80’s metal sounds.

Who Is It For?

The Sälen Jazz is for the serious and open-minded player whose musical taste covers the gamut from clean jazz and roots-oriented music to earthy blues and hard rock sounds. The look is all natural that accents the beauty of Mahogany and Rosewood, two of the greatest tone woods ever used on either the electric or acoustic guitar. This guitar is for the player who really wants to hear the tonal qualities of the woods, not the pickups. The MF Classic humbuckers are based on a genuine ’59 PAF but with more kick, clarity and harmonics to faithfully convey the natural sonic character to various amplification systems. Whether you are a working pro or a tone connoisseur hobbyist, the Sälen Jazz delivers the flexibility and inspiring tone for endless musical enjoyment.

The Sälen Jazz joins the Sälen family with a Mahogany body and neck, Rosewood fretboard, and a pair of our new MF Classic humbuckers to explore new tonal frontiers that only such a configuration can provide. From jazz and blues to classic rock and metal, the Sälen Jazz can cover them all and do so in a most convincing manner. With an all-natural and organic look, the Sälen Jazz delivers

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  1. Width: 315 mm/12,4”
  2. Length: 800 mm/31,5”
  3. Thickness: 42 mm/1.65″
  4. Long Scale: 25.5”
  5. Short Scale: 25”
  6. String spread at nut: 35 mm/1,38”
  7. String spacing at bridge: 10.5 mm/.41″
  8. Neutral fret: 0


  • Bolt-On Construction with new sculpted neck joint heel
  • Chambered Mahogany Body with Torso Carve
  • Solid Maple Top with Mahogany veneer
  • Available Finish: Natural satin finish
  • Approximate Weight: 2.3kg / 5 lbs
  • Manufactured in Indonesia


  • .strandberg* EGS Series 5 fixed bridge & string locks
  • Black Anodized Hardware
  • Original Luminlay™ Green Side Dots
  • Original Luminlay™ Green Inlays

Neck & Frets

  • Mahogany neck, Carbon Fiber reinforced
  • EndurNeck™ Profile
  • Rosewood Fretboard
  • 20” Fretboard Radius
  • 24 Frets
  • Jescar 57110 Stainless Steel Fretwire
  • D’Addario NYXL 10-46 strings
  • Standard tuning EADGBE


  • Standard Gig Bag
  • Allen Key Kit included
  • Strap optional
  • Deluxe Toolkit optional

Sonic Profile

  • H-H Pickup Configuration
  • Neck: .strandberg* Classic Neck
  • Bridge: .strandberg* Classic Bridge
  • 5-Way Pickup Selector
    1. Neck Series Humbucking
    2. Neck Partial Split
    3. Neck Humbucking and Bridge Humbucking
    4. Neck Inner Coil + Bridge Outer Coil in parallel
    5. Bridge Series Humbucking
  • Master Volume + Master Tone
Customer Reviews
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13 October 2021
Brian G.

Lightweight and ergonomic with high quality craftsmanship and components. Being disabled, finding a guitar that's comfortable to play for an extended period is wonderful. It's everything I was hoping for in that regard. The remarkable clarity of the pickups and variety of possible sounds available is just an added bonus that has made it undoubtedly worthwhile.

21 October 2021
.strandberg* Guitars

Thanks for the review and 5 stars, Brian! Awesome to hear that the ergonomic features of the Sälen Jazz are working out for you!

24 July 2021
great guitar for people with mobility/shoulder issue

I had a pleasant experience playing the Salen Jazz and enjoyed its playability and ergonomics. I have a disability that comes with difficulty playing long hours with heavy and non-ergonomic guitars. I recommend the Strandberg guitars to people with back/neck/shoulder problems. The fit and finish however can certainly improve at the price point of 2.1k USD. The fit and finish quality were on par with Ibanez premium guitars made in Indonesia and Sub 1k USD Korean made guitars. Here are the photos I took right after receiving the guitar. If you don’t value the innovative design and patent at around 1k USD, you won’t enjoy the guitar and may regret the investment. https://imgur.com/a/9gTxYXy

26 July 2021
.strandberg* Guitars

Thank you for the review!

23 July 2021
John M.
Very Positive Experience.

My experience purchasing the Salen Jazz was 100% positive. The purchasing process was easy and the guitar was shipped and arrived quickly. The Salen Jazz is a beautiful instrument. The quality of the build is outstanding and the guitar I received was flawless. It’s everything described. Very light and ergonomic. Effortless to play. Nice tone selection from the pickups. A suggested improvement would be tapering the armrest area, although I recognize this would not be so easy with the hollow body and top. The gig bag was also high quality. Traveling should be easy with this guitar. Finally, the communication and interaction with the company was professional, cordial and timely. .Standberg* is really a first class operation. I am impressed. If you think the Salen Jazz could be the guitar for you, I highly recommend you go for it.

26 July 2021
.strandberg* Guitars

Thank you for the thorough review and kind words John!

03 July 2021
Alex M.
Salen Jazz Natural close to Perfect

I was surprised how the low strings resonant into your chest when holding the guitar in your lap. The guitar sings in a way that I never had in any electric. I love the pick ups sound quality and the 5 way switch options. Though the bridge pick up face plate was darkly discolored compared to the neck pick up. Thats just character and had no effect on the sound. Some minor metal flakes on some screws and unfinished edges on the wood f hole very minor and the pick guard could use a light sanding on the top edge. I will probably get the back top edge rounded by a luthier where my right arm rests. I had some tingling in my forearm from playing so much. It does not have the tapered arm rest that all other models have on the top back edge. Just being able to rest the guitar in a an upright (Segovia) lap position and have the neck in perfect position for my left hand allows me to play and reach chords so much more comfortably i can play things i could not before. Its like the chiropractor adjusted you and feel great not understanding exactly why. The odd neck shape is something to experience in a way that expresses solid structure and holding true intonation which allow strings to chime all the way up to 24thf fret. The back edge also provides a sort of ledge anchor that I can rest while playing like no other traditional neck. I don't know I 'm still discovering what I can do with this fine instrument. With all that thought to all the comfort and style and shape not having the tapered back or at least a rounded edge for your right forearm seems to be a choice between the thickness in the veneer and the natural manufactured wood look.Probably can't have both the look and the tapered comfort without a painted model.

07 July 2021
.strandberg* Guitars

Thank you for the 5 star review Alex! Your feedback is also very much appreciated!

03 July 2021
Mary B.
Great for jazz

I’ve been playing a Boden 6 for a few years now. The design has made it possible for me to play for hours without debilitating neck, hand and back pain. I liked everything about the Boden, but I had to work hard to make it sing in a jazz context. The Sälen plays a lot like the Boden, but the chambering and the pickups give it a beautiful sound for jazz. I am also pleased with the voicing of the tone control; a lot of tone controls are dead and useless with full roll-off, but the Sãlen’s gives useful colors throughout. The guitar looked great on arrival, and after a slight loosening of the truss rod played perfectly with sweet intonation all the way up the neck. One of the advantages of all the Strandbergs is the accompanying tool kit making adjustments of truss rod, etc, simple. Great job! Steve Bocckino

07 July 2021
.strandberg* Guitars

Thank you for the 5 star review and kind words Steve!

Learn More

The Sälen Jazz Concept

Unique Qualities

Anatomy of a Strandberg

There are many design elements and factors that comprise a .strandberg* guitar. Each aspect - from the materials and components used to the ergonomic design features - has been carefully thought out and implemented to produce a guitar that is light weight, easy to play and has a big woody organic sound. Explore these different aspects that set a .strandberg* guitar apart from the rest.



By removing weight from the headstock, your guitar can be made very light and yet balanced. You can play with greater comfort for longer.

Headless guitar Boden classic 7 ghost white

Versatile Body Shape

The body shape provides multiple seated playing positions for maximum comfort and versatility.


Scale Lengths Adapted to You

A multi-scale design allows your wrist to remain relaxed throughout the range of play. A longer scale length for the heavier strings provide better tone, and shorter in the thinner strings better playability.

EndrureNeck strandberg guitar

Patented Neck Profile

Our patented EndurNeck™ profile promotes a more correct playing position. The result: you can play longer, faster, better and avoid injury.


Space Age Materials

Our hunt for great tone and low weight led us to using aircraft grade aluminium and carbon fiber for maximum performance.


Proprietary Hardware

The custom .strandberg* hardware is a vital contributor to the tone of the instrument. Lightweight aircraft grade aluminium and tight coupling of components ensure that nothing prevents the strings' vibrations from entering the body.

Read More

Artist Profiles

What our artist say

The extremely talented artists who play .strandberg* guitars have a clear vision of where they want to take their art and how to get there with the instruments they play. The guitar they choose to play is a statement of who they are as an artist and a reflection of the music they create. Find out why some of the most cutting-edge players in the world today choose a .strandberg*.