Boden Standard 8 Maple Flame Black

Boden Standard 8 Maple Flame Black


The Boden Standard Series guitars were developed to provide the same key features that our guitars are acclaimed for but with solidbody construction, our own design pickups, and figured Maple top veneers to reduce costs and offer a line that delivers outstanding value as well as top flight performance. The solidbody has a distinctively different kind of sound and response than the chambered body and it isn’t better or worse: just different and a matter of personal preference.

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Solidbody construction with the same key .strandberg* design and features

The Boden Standard

Family headless guitar photo boden

What makes it special?

The Boden Standard was developed to provide great majority of the premium features found on such models as the Original, Prog, and Fusion but with a solid American Basswood body, Quilted or Flame Maple veneers on a solid 5 mm Maple top and our own specially designed pickups. The result is a lineup of guitars that provides all of the distinctive characteristics and key features that the Boden guitars are known for at a superb value for the working musician. All Standard models feature Roasted Maple necks and fretboards with the EndurNeck profile, Luminlay face and side dots, Jescar stainless steel frets and the innovative .strandberg* hardware as on all of our guitars.

What does it do?

The combination of Basswood with a solid Maple top and Maple neck/fretboard is considered the “Holy Grail” of electric guitar wood combinations by many top guitar builders and artists alike, producing an ideal balance between warmth, punch, brilliance and sustain for an extremely well-rounded sound that’ll excel at virtually any musical genre or playing style. Our pickups were custom designed and wound to our specifications to bring out the best acoustic properties of the woods and hardware for a very balanced and rich sound through any amplification system.

Who is it for?

The Standard models are for players who do not require high-end features such as chambered body, 4-A grade figured top/fretboard, and name brand pickups but require the same premium look, sound and features that provide the performance they need as well as long-lasting value. Like our Classic models, the solidbody construction offers a different type of feel and sound than the chambered-body guitars but still delivers the trademark .strandberg* clarity, articulation, sustain, and warm woody character that our guitars have become known for.

The Boden Standard Series guitars were developed to provide the same key features that our guitars are acclaimed for but with solidbody construction, our own design pickups, and figured Maple top veneers to reduce costs and offer a line that delivers outstanding value as well as top flight performance. The solidbody has a distinctively different kind of sound and response than the chambered body and it isn’t better or worse: just different and a matter of personal preference.

The body consists of solid American Basswood with quarter-inch Maple top capped with either Flame or Quilted Maple for a balanced and punchy tone that is superbly complemented by the roasted Maple neck and fretboard. One of the classic wood combinations espoused by top custom guitar builders and world class artists alike, Basswood/Maple body and Maple neck/fretboard combo provides the ideal balance between warmth with full-bodied richness and strong high-midrange with sweet singing treble.

The new .strandberg* OEM pickups were designed and wound to our exacting specifications to deliver a wide range of great sounds from vintage clean to over-the-top high-gain distortion. The figured Maple veneers ensure a stunning look while the solid Maple top underneath works in conjunction with the body back wood to add brilliance, tightness and punch. Overall, the Standard Series guitars are no-compromise instruments you can count on to deliver the performance you expect from a .strandberg*.

During the course of manufacturing of this guitar model, the color of the roasted maple has varied to some degree. The wood is roasted to achieve the desired properties (tonal response and dimensional stability in different weather conditions) and not to a certain color. This means that the color sometimes does not match that of the product photos, which were taken of the first produced sample guitars. We are working on a revised process and acquiring new equipment for roasting maple that will give us greater control of the results, which should be in place in early 2021. Until then, if you have any concerns about the color of the roasted maple neck or fretboard before ordering, please reach out to us through the contact form at the bottom of this page, and we will be happy to send you a photo in advance, or talk you through the process. For more information about roasted maple, and colors, please see:

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  1. Width: 320 mm/12.6” (7-string) | 330 mm/13″ (8-string)
  2. Length: 820 mm/32.3″ (7-string) | 850 mm/33.5” (8-string)
  3. Thickness: 42 mm/1.65″
  4. Long Scale: 26.25” (7-string) | 28” (8-string)
  5. Short Scale: 25.5” (7-string) | 26.5” (8-string)
  6. String spread at nut: 42 mm/1.65” (7-string) | 49 mm/1,92” (8-string)
  7. String spacing at bridge: 10.5 mm/.41″
  8. Neutral fret: 10 (7-string) | 7 (8-string)


  • Bolt-On Construction
  • Solid Body with Arm, Torso and Heel Carves
  • Solid Maple top with Book-matched Flame
  • Basswood Body
  • Available Finishes: Trans Blue/Trans Black Semi-gloss Polyurethane
  • Approximate Weight
    • 2,5 kg / 5,5 lbs +/- 10% (7-string)
    • 2,6 kg / 5,7 lbs +/- 10% (8-string)
  • Manufactured in Indonesia


  • .strandberg* EGS Series 5 Fixed bridge & string locks
  • Black Hardware
  • Original Luminlay™ Green Side Dots
  • Original Luminlay™ Green Inlays

Neck & Frets

  • Roasted Maple Neck, Carbon Fiber reinforced
  • EndurNeck™ Profile
  • Roasted Maple Fretboard
  • 20″ Fretboard Radius
  • 24 Frets
  • Jescar 51100 Stainless Steel Fretwire (57110 for zero-fret)
  • D’Addario NYXL 095-64 (7-string) / 09-84 (8-string) strings
  • Standard tuning BEADGBE (7-string) / F#BEADGBE (8-string)


Sonic Profile

  • H – H Pickup Configuration
  • Neck: .strandberg* designed passive humbucker
  • Bridge: .strandberg* designed passive humbucker
  • 5-Way Pickup Selector
    1. Neck
    2. Neck inner coil
    3. (Bridge in parallel with neck outer coil) in series with neck inner coil
    4. Bridge in parallel with neck outer coil
    5. Bridge
  • Master Volume + Master Tone
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08 June 2021
Daniel O.
My new 8 string

After a long time waiting for one these to become available, I snagged mine in black. I already owned an og boden seven in natural and this feels like a new and improved instrument. The neck is perfect in every way. I’m a small dude with tiny hands, but my main guitars for the past few years were the og boden and a Johnny Marr Jaguar. I like large necks, and an eight with a flat shredder neck always kills my hands, so this offers a super comfortable solution that looks gorgeous. The roasted maple on mine turned super dark and rich in color. Perfect look and feel. I am flabbergasted by the quality of your in-house pickups. Very rarely do you find proprietary passive pickups that perform like these. I find mine to be tuned pretty much to exactly how I play. There is a slight rolling off or rounding of the tone on the F#, but it’s nowhere near as muddy as what you would hear in EMG’s or other brands in-house pickups. It’s really sounds like you guys took a lot of players demands into account and really did some testing with these to get something that could really make any player happy. They’re not skewed toward any genre or style, but they really can hang with anything I threw at them. Great blend of sounds and expression through them, really sexy response from the low E and G in certain areas. Fit, finish, and general craftsmanship are mind-blowing in this beast. After spending years as a builder in a large scale guitar manufacturing facility myself here in the US, it’s rare that I’m surprised by elements of building and guitar construction, but yet again Strandberg has done it. My boden seven is light as a feather, but even this really isn’t much heavier at all and it’s a solid body build. I do wish ordered the strap since I am short, and my favorite neon pink clip-lock strap is longer than what I would like for a guitar like this. I feel like it’s best played a little higher up. So for my only possible complaint. I guess during shipping, all but one of the saddle locking screws came undone and fell out of the bridge assembly. Yay for magnets though because they were all stuck to the bridge pickup. With the little handy tool kit you provided they were all fitted back in. Also i don’t know how I feel about the input jack area being one with the back plate. The og boden was a bit different, but really it’s not a huge thing. All the hardware, frets, and bridge all feel super tight and space age as always. Minus the mini heart attack of trying to pick all those microscopic saddle screws off the bridge pickup, this guitar has blown any expectations out of the water. I feel like way less of a sloppy mess as a player, and I genuinely feel like I could do really anything on this instrument. I can just sit in my chair and enjoy it without plugging it in. It really does feel like an extension of my playing as cliched as it sounds, and is a joy to play unplugged. A very zen instrument capable of brutality. It’s a very beautifully crafted and elegant creation capable of cheerful melodies and smooshing skulls. If the goddess Feyja had one of her giant, chariot-pulling cats turned into a guitar, this would be it. Thank you!

11 June 2021
.strandberg* Guitars

Thank you for the review and for the 5 stars, Daniel. Awesome to hear that we exceeded your expectations. I hope you will continue to enjoy your Standard 8.

07 March 2021
Doug P.

If you’re looking for a guitar that has a clean prog sound and can deliver on the heavy riffs, look no further. Super happy with my purchase!

13 April 2021
.strandberg* Guitars

Thanks for the 5 star review, Doug! /Ola

20 November 2020
Chase V.
Best thing to happen in 2020

Love this guitar, feels great, sounds amazing- definitely made my whole year!

03 December 2020
.strandberg* Guitars

Well, considering what this year has been like overall, it's great to hear that we could improve it just a little! /Ola

23 April 2020
Jon N.
Minor complaints

First off I want to say I love my new guitar. I put in 5 hours of playing on it today. The neck profile is odd but it feels very comfortable as does the rest of the body. It really is a pleasure to play. I'm not sure if its my amp (tiny practice amp) or the pickups that came in it but it seems like the pickups could be just a little hotter on the bottom end. Beautiful range in tone though so maybe thats just the best way to round things out. Tuning is a little awkward and the tuners are stiff but again those being against my leg maybe thats best for them to be stiff. I wish the strings were changed before being shipped to me the top E has a tiny bit of rust on it. And I wish the volume pot swelled better. It seems like the last 10th of a turn doesnt do anything and then the volume is suddenly on. I also wish the volume and tone nobs were nurlled for better grip. I figure the strings aren't a huge deal, the tuners will break in, and I can change the volume pot and nobs if I really dont like them after more use. I just wanted to be clear with my complaints but I'm still giving it 5 stars. I can tell its very well made and it does play very well, I might need to do a set up for my playing style. It's a little buzzy but it was ready to play out of the box and almost in tune. Beautiful neck, much darker roast than I expected and no blemishes that I've found. Kind of mind blowing how different the strandberg experience is, I never tried one out I just bought one knowing the reputation. If I'm just playing it I forget about all the odd stuff that makes the guitar so different but then I look over and the headstock isnt there and everything is so comfortable, and so light. It does almost feel like a toy but being the solid body and 8 string its just on the heavy enough side to still feel like a guitar (my other guitar is solid mahogany). Love it but it may need a few small changes to be where I want it. Thank you for the guitar!

Learn More

The Boden Standard Concept

Unique Qualities

Anatomy of a Strandberg

There are many design elements and factors that comprise a .strandberg* guitar. Each aspect - from the materials and components used to the ergonomic design features - has been carefully thought out and implemented to produce a guitar that is light weight, easy to play and has a big woody organic sound. Explore these different aspects that set a .strandberg* guitar apart from the rest.



By removing weight from the headstock, your guitar can be made very light and yet balanced. You can play with greater comfort for longer.

Headless guitar Boden classic 7 ghost white

Versatile Body Shape

The body shape provides multiple seated playing positions for maximum comfort and versatility.


Scale Lengths Adapted to You

A multi-scale design allows your wrist to remain relaxed throughout the range of play. A longer scale length for the heavier strings provide better tone, and shorter in the thinner strings better playability.

EndrureNeck strandberg guitar

Patented Neck Profile

Our patented EndurNeck™ profile promotes a more correct playing position. The result: you can play longer, faster, better and avoid injury.


Space Age Materials

Our hunt for great tone and low weight led us to using aircraft grade aluminium and carbon fiber for maximum performance.


Proprietary Hardware

The custom .strandberg* hardware is a vital contributor to the tone of the instrument. Lightweight aircraft grade aluminium and tight coupling of components ensure that nothing prevents the strings' vibrations from entering the body.

Read More

Artist Profiles

What our artist say

The extremely talented artists who play .strandberg* guitars have a clear vision of where they want to take their art and how to get there with the instruments they play. The guitar they choose to play is a statement of who they are as an artist and a reflection of the music they create. Find out why some of the most cutting-edge players in the world today choose a .strandberg*.