.strandberg* Guitars Teams Up with Happy Ears for Sustainable Hearing Protection

Happy Ears + .strandberg* Guitars

At .strandberg Guitars, we are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Happy Ears, an innovative company with a strong commitment to ear health and environmental sustainability. Together, we want to emphasize the importance of protecting your ears and maintaining your hearing health, especially in the world of music.

Ear health is vital for all musicians. Sound, after all, is the essence of music and we rely on our ears to create, appreciate, and share it. Yet, the very nature of our passion exposes our ears to potentially harmful levels of noise. Whether you’re strumming your guitar at home, playing a gig at a crowded venue, or just enjoying your favorite band’s concert, it’s crucial to safeguard your hearing.

As part of our Supplier Code of Conduct, we have specific requirements regarding noise levels and hearing protection. In 2022, we did the first training with the .strandberg* production line workers at PT Cort, and have provided Happy Ears ear plugs to them since then.

Happy Ears shares our dedication to ear health, but they also bring an added focus on sustainability. This company was born out of a personal experience with hearing loss and the shortcomings of traditional, single-use earplugs. Since their inception in 2010, Happy Ears has aimed to offer a high-quality, reusable alternative to conventional earplugs, and more recently, they’ve evolved to become the first eco-friendly earplug company​.

Happy Ears’ commitment to the environment is demonstrated in their innovative product lines and business practices. In 2020, they launched Happy Ears Recycled, their first eco-friendly earplug made from 100% recycled plastics upcycled from their own production waste. This initiative alone could potentially reduce industry waste by over 90% if every earplug user switched to Happy Ears​.

In 2021, they went a step further, introducing Happy Ears OP, a new eco-friendly earplug made of post-consumer ocean plastics. This product, an industry first, is sourced from plastics found in the North Pacific and North Atlantic oceans, and matches the fit and functionality of their Original earplug​​.

But the eco-friendliness of Happy Ears doesn’t stop at their products. They also set the standard for eco-friendly packaging in the earplug industry. Their packaging is recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable, made from paper and heat-sealed with water-based inks​​.

We at .strandberg Guitars are proud to be working with Happy Ears to deliver earplugs with every guitar we sell, emphasizing the importance of ear health and contributing to a more sustainable future. We encourage you to learn more about Happy Ears and their mission by visiting their website. Together, let’s make music that not only sounds good but also does good for our ears and our planet.

Visit https://www.happyearsearplugs.com/ to learn more

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