A Made-to-Measure guitar represents the ultimate in customization. Our Made-to-Measure guitars are built entirely in Sweden and include a personal dialog with Ola Strandberg to determine your exact requirements. They are delivered with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Ola Strandberg himself.

All .strandberg*s share the same overall design, construction and hardware, but beyond that, everything is open:

  • The scale length, or relationship between the scale lengths in a multiscale instrument, is adapted to your anatomy, playing style and preferred genre of playing
  • The neck shape is adapted to your anatomy and playing style
  • The materials of neck, body and fretboard are adapted to the sound you are looking for
  • The electronics are curated for your unique sound
  • Visual elements such as hardware color, stain and inlays are completely customizable

See the gallery for what has been built so far!

Unfortunately, getting a Made to Measure guitar is subject to a wait list. See the information below regarding the process and the projected cost.

The procedure

Note that the wait list has been retired. If you signed up for the wait list any time before 2016, you will have had a position on the list, and we would send out invitations to you when your number came up. The issue with this process was that once people’s turn came up, any number of things could have happened, and we ended up spending countless hours administering the wait list and the invitation process. Now, the process is as follows:
– We periodically send out an invitation to sign up for a batch via the newsletter. This batch will have a fixed size.
– When the deadline for signing up for the batch runs out, we pick the applicants in the order that they signed up to the newsletter.

This way, only those that have the funds ready will sign up and we only have to manage the applications for those that signed up, and not the entire wait list. This means that if you originally had a low queue number, your application has a good chance of being accepted. And if you signed up yesterday, you can still be accepted, as long as not too many people apply for a particular batch.

Once you are accepted, getting your own full custom .strandberg* guitar is a simple process:

  • Sketch out your specifications using the pricing page (see below) as a reference.
  • Pay a fixed deposit of 20 000 SEK (+VAT if applicable) to start the specification phase. Since the wait list requires no commitment, this deposit is taken to put a stake in the ground and get things going. If we do not reach a completed specification, the deposit will be refunded less the labor put in to create the specification. This phase will result in a quotation and preliminary specification. During this step, we may analyze your size and playing style to find suitable scale lengths that also provide the tone that you need for your type of music.
  • As time gets closer to ordering materials (woods need to rest in our workshop for some time to settle before being used) we decide at least the specifications for wood choices. At this time, construction elements such as neck joint and body properties need to be decided since they influence what billets of wood are sourced.
  • For “showpiece” parts, you will have a chance to select the actual pieces of wood that will be used, from pictures, before they are ordered if you have chosen the custom wood option.
  • Throughout the build, you will be able to follow progress on Facebook and our web site.
  • Pay the balance of the guitar + shipping to take delivery of your new guitar.
  • Enjoy!
Sign up to the Newsletter/MtM waitlist
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The fine print (Please read)

Our only realistic means of communications with you regarding the wait list information is through e-mail. Please make sure that you enter the e-mail address correctly when you sign up, and please add ‘’ to your safe senders list so that you don’t miss messages that we may send to you. When we start a new batch, we send out messages to the people next in line. We do send out a few reminders, but if we don’t get a response, we have to remove the person from the list.

Approximate build and delivery times are indeed approximate and can be influenced greatly by several factors such as availability of materials, how dry the agreed billets of wood actually turn out to be when they arrive, etc.

The deposit is charged at the time of starting work (i.e. spending hours) and ordering materials. Hence, it should not be considered refundable. Chances are that there is someone else lower down on the waiting list who will be happy to take over the build, and we can solve situations where you need to back out of the order in that way. As a security for both yourself (i.e. make sure that you have thought the purchase through) and for us (i.e. to make sure our efforts are paid for) we charge a fixed deposit up front.

Payment is accepted as wire transfer or PayPal. If you choose PayPal, you will have to cover the fees, which range from 3.9% to 4.9%.

The costs for Strandberg Guitars to complete a Made to Measure build however are in SEK. For this reason, we can only quote prices in SEK, although we will gladly help look up the exchange rate at a given point in time. Exchange rates fluctuate and it is your responsibility to keep track of this. Should you find that the exchange rate is particularly favorable at some point in time before the build is completed, Strandberg Guitars can accept a pre-payment, partial or in full, recognizing that this does not buy any special privileges.

Builds are assigned a serial number when the deposit is accepted, but they are not always completed in serial number order. Sometimes it is more efficient to bundle together builds with similar construction, similar destinations, or other aspects, which means that they are completed out of sequence. Sometimes an instrument with a particular feature is needed for a trade show, demo, or some high profile event. This should not affect the approximate delivery date that you given at the time of order.

Pricing Guide for Made to Measure Guitars

Models (base price in SEK, including SKB waterproof case and custom gig bag, excluding VAT or other taxes)











* Varberg is currently available only as a 6- and 7-string with limited scale lengths and the price is the base starting price. Wood and electronics selections are done at market price.
The below table lists pricing for the standard options for the Boden model, feel free to request other features.

Category Description

Price (SEK)

Construction Bolt-on with carved heel (solid, or chambered when ordered with top)
Neck-throughTremolo (in addition to above)Left-handed




No extra

Body (Arm bevel and belly carve included) Stock wood (usually Mahogany, Alder, Swamp Ash)
Other wood


+ Market*

Top Stock wood (usually Maple, Walnut, Poplar)
Choice of topBindingF-hole


+ Market*



Neck Maple laminated with Carbon Fiber
Other wood



Finish Oil
Other finishes



Neck profile Any conventional profile, adapted to player
EndurNeck™ profile



Fretboard Rosewood, Ebony or Maple
16”-20” compound radius7 mm string spacing at nut0 fret

24 frets

Medium or jumbo nickel frets

Luminlay side markers

Stainless frets

Other radius, string spacing

“Simple” face inlays

Other inlays









No extra



Scale lengths 25.5” – 25” neutral 0 fret (6-string)
25.75” – 25” neutral 6th fret (7-string)28” – 26.5” neutral 7th fret (8-string)Other scale lengths, neutral positions

Baritone hybrid

True Temperament™ Formula 1

– 25.5″ (6-/7-string)

– 28″ – 26.5″ (8-string)




No extra




Electronics Lace Alumitone
– Humbucker (6-string)- Aluma-90 (7-string)- 3.5″ X-Bar (8-string)

Bare Knuckle Pickups

Lundgren Pickups

Any other brand pickups

Volume, Tone, pickup selectors designed to spec







+ Market*


Hardware Black EGS hardware
Custom color anodized/chrome/gold



Case SKB waterproof shell including gig bag


* Items marked with “Market” will be priced on a time and materials basis but offset by the saving from the standard option.


As standard, 6-strings will be strung with D’Addario 10-46, 7-strings and 8-strings feature our .strandberg* Optimized Tension strings. If you want the guitar to be delivered intonated and adjusted with a different brand or gauges, you need to send those strings to us. The same applies if you for some reason need to return the guitar for service, ie. include a set of strings with the guitar.

Example prices

Here are some examples of prices for popular models:

#8 (Tosin Abasi)
8-string 48000
Neck-through with glued top 3000
Rosewood neck 500
Choice top 1000
F-hole 1000
Intersecting Plane Neck Profile™ (Licensed from Rick Toone) 500
Baritone hybrid 3000
Stainless frets 1000
Total SEK, excl. VAT, excl. shipping 58000
#17 (Tosin Abasi)
8-string 48000
Rosewood neck 500
Choice top 1000
Intersecting Plane Neck Profile™ (Licensed from Rick Toone) 500
Stainless frets 1000
Total SEK, excl. VAT, excl. shipping 51000
#15 (Misha Mansoor)
7-string 47000
Birdseye maple neck/fretboard 1000
Choice top 1000
Stainless frets 1000
Bare Knuckle pickups 1500
Red hardware 1500
Total SEK, excl. VAT, excl. shipping 53000
#5 (Chris Letchford)
7-string 47000
Neck-through with glued top 3000
Choice top 500
Stainless frets 1000
Lundgren pickups 1000
Blue hardware 1500
Inlays 500
Total SEK, excl. VAT, excl. shipping 54500
#16 (Al Mu’min)
6-string 31000
Tremolo 2000
Stained finish 1000
Trapezoid Neck Profile™ (Licensed from Rick Toone) 500
Baritone hybrid 3000
Seymour Duncan pickups 1000
Total SEK, excl. VAT, excl. shipping 38500