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Get in the holiday spirit with a free gift.

Choose between several gifts this December when you buy a guitar, as long as stocks last.

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Gifts are available as long as stocks last.

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.strandberg* Wall Hanger

Mount your .strandberg* guitar on the wall with our custom guitar stand, which is custom made for us by industry leading maker String Swing. Holds your guitar vertical or at an angle, with the same basic geometry as our guitar stand. Includes an optional third arm which will lock the guitar in place securely, but works just fine without it in safe environments. The hanger comes with a slat wall attachment as standard – but we will also include the separate screw mount kit for mounting the hanger on a conventional wall.

.strandberg* ACME VitalGrip Guitar Strap

Your .strandberg* guitar is shaped and designed for the ultimate comfort, so for the best playing experience, we teamed up with basiner to create the best strap for your .strandberg*. With the rear strap button placed higher than most standard guitars, many conventional straps are simply too long – especially if you wear your guitar high. Additionally, rather than utilizing specialized strap lock buttons that may not work without special attachments, the basiner-designed VITALGRIP™ provides a completely secure locking mechanism without the need for special attachments.

Chordinero S14-DT SLIM Capo

We are very happy to be partnering with Chordinero! Dubbed a “creative capo for creative people”, “the most flexible capo on earth” and “like having a third hand with six really long fingers”, the Chordinero allows you to explore tunings and fingerings that are normally impossible without retuning your guitar. Note that this specific model is made for 6-string guitar.

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.strandberg* Artist Starter Pack

A starter pack containing lessons, guitar tabs, backing tracks and more from the following .strandberg* Artists:

  • Plini
  • Paul Masvidal
  • Sarah Longfield
  • Richard Henshall
  • Alex Machacek

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