.strandberg* Classic Neck Humbucker BN

.strandberg* Classic Neck Humbucker BN


The Classic humbucker set was painstakingly modeled after a genuine ’59 PAF set that Michael Frank has in his possession and it certainly delivers that glorious vintage tone – a complex mix of richness, warmth, chime, bite, punch and a singing character. From warm-bodied clean jazz tone to classic metal and every kind of great guitar sound in between spanning the 50’s through the 80’s, the Classic set is not only authentic in its sound but versatile enough to cover virtually any musical genre and style save for today’s modern metal applications.

This product is designed for direct mount only. .strandberg* MF Humbuckers are supplied with 3mm mounting holes without threads.

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In stock

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Get the most out of your .strandberg* Guitar

A new defining sound


Inspired by passion for the best guitar tones possible and informed by many decades of combined experience between .strandberg* staff and legendary pickup designer Michael Frank, the .strandberg* pickups offer the best of all worlds: audiophile-like clarity and definition with warm organic character that faithfully reproduces the natural acoustic sonic characteristics of the woods of the guitar resonating in harmony. Every little detail has been carefully thought out to produce the purest and unaltered sound as possible from the guitar.


You have your own vision of what your style and sound should be like. They define your unique musical voice and artistry that you strive to get across to your audience. At the same time, you seek flexibility and versatility because you seek to convey a wide range of timbres, dynamics and phrasing that you’ve worked for many years to develop and hone. The wide range of .strandberg* pickups means you can choose the one set or a mix of different pickup models that works best for your particular style and sound.


You get your best sound when you have razor-sharp focus on your music and your playing, not fiddling with gear or wondering if it’s delivering what you envision. We’ve done the work to provide the pickups that bring out the very best in a .strandberg* guitar so you can focus on your playing. Together with Michael Frank, we spent three years testing various prototypes and having our world class artists take them out on the road or to recording sessions to get their “real world” feedback. After countless tweaks, fine-tuning and revisions of each pickup model, the .strandberg* pickups are now ready to take your .strandberg* guitar and your playing to the highest level.

Exceptionally dynamic and responsive to your attack and touch, the Classic set excels in the medium-gain realm to go from sweet purring clean to a mean bark straight without using a pedal or adjusting the volume knob on the guitar. This set is for the player who wants to express in the purest form possible to let the style and character of his or her style shine through.

For more information and wiring diagrams, click here

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Sonic Personality


  • Output: Cool
  • Timbre: Bright
  • Behavior: Organic/Dynamic
  • DC-resistance: 7.2K
  • Magnet: Alnico 3
  • 42 Enamel
  • Pole Spacing: CC E-E  1 15/16″ / 49,2mm

Classic Neck in action

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