.strandberg* MF Pickups



The new .strandberg* MF pickups are the result of a close collaboration between .strandberg* and renowned pickups and guitar electronics designer Michael Frank who has designed some top-flight pickups for artists such as Guthrie Govan and Eric Johnson as well as various other pickups for the largest guitar manufacturer in the world.

Designed and engineered from the ground up to best complement the unique natural acoustic characteristics of .strandberg* guitars, these pickups convey the organic and woody tonal quality of the guitars to the amplifier with purity, clarity and musicality to realize the guitars’ full sonic potential.


Designed by Michael Frank

From warm hollowbody-like jazz tones to over-the-top metal assault and everything in between, the MF pickups are distinguished by clarity, balance and definition while maintaining warmth and richness across a very broad tonal spectrum. Engineered and constructed like no other passive pickups in existence, the MF pickups feature top-of-the-line components specified by Michael Frank to produce the best sounds possible.


Michael Frank spent countless hours listening to .strandberg* guitars unplugged to fully appreciate and understand their acoustic and resonant characteristics before embarking on the design of these exclusive pickups. Not a mere drop-in of highly regarded but off-the-shelf pickups, the MF pickups deliver the .strandberg* guitars’ big and punchy lows, rich midrange and sparkling highs to the amps faithfully and in a very musical manner.


The next evolution in the .strandberg* sound

Balance is the key word when describing what the .strandberg* MF pickups sound like. You will hear audiophile-like clarity and articulation but with smoothness around the edges of the notes that still cuts through the densest mix with authority and power. The lows are crystal clear and punchy with even the most brutal high-gain distortion sounds you can dial up. The mids have richness and girth while the high-end is sweet and singing. The capper is that all these qualities are coherent across its sonic range to produce a unique modern sound that can only be described as .strandberg*, not replicas of the sounds of yesteryears.


Hear all the details and the articulation of your playing style and character that you’ve worked so hard to develop over many years. Due to these pickups’ exceptional dynamic range, you can purr to scream by varying your picking attack instead of stomping on pedals and expand your true expressive potential. Whether you are playing the blues, classic rock, country, jazz, alternative, shred or the over-the-top djent metal, the .strandberg* MF pickups will allow you to express yourself like never before.


The .strandberg* MF pickups in the HSH configuration can also be expanded with Michael Frank’s unique HSX circuit which can be engaged with a push-pull pot or a mini-toggle to access stunning single-coil sounds without loss of volume relative to the powerful humbucker sounds. The future has arrived in electric guitar pickups technology with the .strandberg* MF pickups. Explore new worlds of sonic purity and discover just how good you can sound.

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