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Regarding our switch from .strandberg* MF Pickups to Suhr

If you have been following us closely in the past years, we spent several years working together with the legendary pickup designer Michael Frank-Braun to develop a line of pickups that were voiced to work specifically with our construction and material selections, to provide an end result better than anything else out there.

In addition to voicing the Original, Metal, Prog, Fusion, and Classic pickups, we also worked with Plini and Alex Machacek to develop signature pickups for them.

During his time as Principal Engineer at Fender, Michael developed signature pickups for some of the biggest names in guitar, including Eric Johnson and Guthrie Govan. Michael later established his own business “MFB Pickups”, and we were an early development partner of his in this venture. Sadly, Michael passed away earlier this year (2023), and it was not possible to continue running the MFB Pickups business.

This impacts select .strandberg* guitar models, and we have chosen to replace them with Suhr pickups in the future. This was a natural solution as we have a great working relationship with Suhr and their pickups have been our go-to for many years. This includes both Plini and Alex’s signature guitars, which have used Suhr Pickups in previous iterations of the guitar.

The models affected by this change are:

During this transition period, these models will be available with a choice of .strandberg* MF pickups or Suhr Pickups until the former sells out. We have already made this change for the .strandberg* pickup-equipped Sälen NX 6 Tremolo Plini Edition guitar during the initial launch. Any future stock of the guitar will be Suhr-equipped.

We thank you for your understanding.

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