Alan’s penchant for surrealism, geometry, and high contrast in his photography work captured in one guitar

Sälen APS Monochrom Limited Edition 

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Sälen APS Monochrom Limited Edition

Ola Strandberg’s diverse interests include photography and it is through this creative field that Ola met famed photographer and musician Alan Schaller. Based in London, Alan Schaller specializes in black and white photography. His works have been featured various publications such as The New York Times T Magazine, The Washington Post, The Independent Post, The Financial Times, and others. He has also worked with such luminous brands as Apple, Philips, Huawei, Nokia, Ann Demeulemeester, Kew Gardens, Xiaomi, and Huntsman of Savile Row and is an ambassador for Leica Cameras, Ola’s choice for his own photography endeavors.

Prior to becoming a professional photographer, he worked in the music field and is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist with a background in music production. These common interests served as the backdrop for Ola to work with Alan and develop this exclusive .strandberg* Sälen APS Monochrom Limited Edition guitar that visually captures Alan’s penchant for surrealism, geometry, and high contrast in his photography work.


Visually, it is one of the most unique and stunning .strandberg* guitars developed to date, mirroring the characteristics and qualities that define Alan’s photography. The prominent dove inlay on the fretboard is taken from one of Alan’s most famous photos and sets the unique aesthetic character of the instrument. The Monochrom White finish with light gray transparent to black burst around the body edge captures the “black and white” elegance with contrast and depth. The satin chrome hardware provides the finishing touch that makes the guitar as much as a work of visual art as it is a musical instrument.


Underneath the striking and surreal aesthetics is an instrument that features all the materials and components to be a tone machine of the highest caliber. With chambered Swamp Ash body and roasted Maple neck with Ebonol fretboard, the acoustic character is lively, clear, and vibrant with an emphasis on the high midrange. The sonic quality is captured and transferred with a set of the Bare Knuckle Mississippi Queen P90 pickups, providing a distinctively earthy and rootsy amplified tone that can cover a wide variety of musical genres.

Visually and sonically, the Sälen APS Monochrom Limited Edition is one of the most unique .strandberg* instruments ever conceived and developed. It is an instrument of the highest caliber for the discerning musician as well as for the collector of unique guitars as a work of modern art.

Alan Schaller with the guitar

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