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The EndurNeck™

The EndurNeck™ is a patented neck profile that provides many benefits:

    • By utilizing flat surfaces rather than a round profile, it provides a more restful grip for the thumb
    • Your hand is much stronger when gripping something thick than when gripping something thin, and the EndurNeck™ uses this fact in its design.
    • Due to the way that it is designed, it is experienced as comfortable whether you are used to a thick or thin neck
    • Chord playing at the far end of the neck is made easier
    • Soloing and fret access in general at the near end of the neck is made easier
    • The curved rear section and the angles of the surfaces interact to encourage a more correct playing position and a straighter wrist

– The result is less stress on muscles, joints and tendons, which lets you play more relaxed, with less fatigue, which results in less risk of injury and better playing

The EndurNeck was invented by Ola Strandberg and is featured exclusively on .strandberg* instruments.

The back of Made to Measure #107

Over the years, we have helped numerous players with repetitive stress injuries and other issues to recover and get back to playing the instrument they love, and allowed further more players to develop their skills while avoiding injury.

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The EndurNeck™

The EndurNeck™ is a patented neck profile that provides many benefits, not just for ergonomics, but also for playability. It allows you to play more relaxed and without fatigue, resulting in better and smoother playing. Once you try it, you will never go back.

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