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SPARK Community — Season 2.4 Recap

The SPARK community showed new sides of their creativity during the past two weeks exploring the following Season 2.4 topics: #Advertising: Show us what a .strandberg* advertisement would have to look like to make you urgently buy (another) .strandberg*! What ads would fit nicely under the .strandberg* pillars of ergonomics and innovation? Whether newspaper ad, […]

Spark Your Creativity Giveaway

Strandberg Spark is a creative community where anyone can join and participate in creative content challenges. Prizes were given away to the best content creators based on originality and creativity. Since the beginning of the group two years ago, we’ve seen incredible engagement, creativity and community develop out of Spark. As a result, Strandberg has […]

SPARK Community – June

SPARK Community – June The SPARK community has done it again! During the month of June the community was tasked with developing creative ways to show their enthusiasm and support for .strandberg* instruments based on the following topics; #32 Story Time, #33 Picture Perfect vs. Avenge & #34 We’ll Do It Live/Scale