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Announcing the .strandberg* Canvas Contest

To celebrate the recent release of the new Boden RESQ:D Canvas models, we are excited to launch the official .strandberg* Canvas Contest.

How does it work?

For those who remember, back in 2021, we held the official .strandberg* 200k Contest, where participants were encouraged to design and submit their very own “customized” .strandberg* guitar design, and the winner would selected to receive a refurbished Boden and actually make their customized guitar dreams a reality.

Well, this contest was such a massive success that we’ve decided to bring back the format for 2024 in honor of the new Boden RESQ:D models in our Canvas White finish.

Win a Boden RESQ:D Canvas guitar

For this contest, in the spirit of creativity and pushing the envelope, we are asking you to create a customized .strandberg* guitar graphic via the provided PNG template below.

But it doesn’t stop there — the winner of the Canvas Contest will then receive one (1) white Boden RESQ:D Canvas guitar for them to actually customize per their submitted template.

We want this guitar to be an expression of you the player, so this “proof-of-concept” mock-up will serve as an approximation of how you intend to customize the guitar, should you receive it. The winner will be responsible for refinishing the white guitar and making their unique finish a reality.

The winner of the Canvas Contest will be selected based on the creativity, originality, and practicality of their submission (i.e. how realistic it is that the design can be created physically) via the .strandberg* team.

You must be able to customize the guitar

By participating in the Canvas Contest, you are agreeing that you have the resources available to customize the Boden RESQ:D Canvas per your submitted mock-up.

Of course, you don’t need to be a master luthier by any stretch of the imagination, but you should have the means to customize the guitar as you see fit. Paint, ink, 3D print, vinyl sticker, engraving: anything goes!

Your local guitar tech or luthier may also be able to help with priming, refinishing, coating, etc. There are plenty of online resources and instructions on such guitar customization methods as well.

Canvas Contest Rules + Instructions

  1. Subscribe to the .strandberg* Guitars newsletter at the bottom of this page
  2. Complete this brief survey here
  3. Join Strandberg Spark here – be sure to answer the required group questions to ensure you’ve joined).
  4. Download the provided PNG template here
  5. Create a mock-up of how you intend to customize the Boden RESQ:D Canvas should you receive it! You can use your favorite image editing software of your choosing, paint/draw on the template, etc.
  6. Post your submission to the Strandberg Spark Facebook group with the hashtags #CanvasContest, #strandbergguitars, and #goheadless.
  7. Only entries posted in Spark will be considered. Limit one (1) entry per person.

Entries must be posted on or before January 31, 2024 at 11:59 pm PT. The winner will be announced on February 7, 2024 via the Strandberg Guitars Instagram page. Good luck and have fun!

*Terms & Conditions apply. This contest is not endorsed, sponsored, or administered by Instagram, nor is Instagram associated with this contest. Instagram is in no way responsible for entrants or participants of this contest. No purchase necessary to enter. Must be 18 or older to win. The contest is open worldwide. Must have a valid address for shipping within the .strandberg* Guitars delivery region. Winner is responsible for all resulting import and taxes that may incur. Void where prohibited. All entries and copyright subsisting in the entries are subject to use by .strandberg* Guitars who may publish or cause to be published any of the entries received.

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