SPARK 2023 Community Highlights | Seasons 1 & 2

As we enter the halfway point of the 2023 edition of the .strandberg* SPARK Program, we revisit some of the community’s favorite submissions over the past two seasons that have made this year one of the most captivating and exciting ones yet.

In case you’re unfamiliar, SPARK is a one-of-a-kind community project, creative competition, and the official Facebook community for anything and everything related to .strandberg* Guitars, where group members create and post original content based on creative prompts in order to win prizes.

A few of the topics this year so far have included #Chameleon, #MiniMe, #TwoHandsAreBetterThanOne, #EarthDay, and the ever-popular #Meme23 topic, among several others.

What’s been your favorite SPARK topic of 2023 so far?

Season 1:


Kicking things off with the first topic of the year #Meme23, long-time SPARK member Anil Bahsi created this amazing graphic for the new EndurNeck “Chunky” Edition! Featuring the “Patented Recipe” from Ola Strandberg, we’d be lying if we said we weren’t legitimately excited about this candy concept. This may well be the most ergonomic candy bar ever conceived…

See Anil’s entry on the .strandberg* SPARK Community page.


For the topic #StrandbergCards, Adam Czibere went the distance and created an entire .strandberg*-based tarot card reading website! We’ll let Adam do the explaining on how it works below, but rest assured, this is one of the coolest submissions we’ve seen for SPARK to date. Check out a couple of our favorite images that he created (though there are several more to be discovered on the website).

From Adam:

“For this challenge I created a musical tarot reading website. Just click the button (link above) and see what style of music suits you the best and get a recommendation on which strandberg guitar to use! Did you get what you expected?

I had a ton of fun working on this challenge. I matched some guitars and genres to some of the tarot cards. Then I generated the images with midjourney (prompts: “tarot card, death, black and red, guitar, oil painting –ar 2:3″, etc). Then I photoshopped a strandberg guitar on each image, trying to match photo to the image’s style. Then I put together a basic website, with some nice flip animation for the card. Use Chrome for best experience!”

See Adam’s entry on the .strandberg* SPARK Community page.


Back in March of this year, we celebrated the first Boden RESQ:D Coral Pink release with the topic #PinkIsTheNewBlack, where SPARK member Isaac Beckett submitted this incredible short film entitled Death Does The Laundry, all about Death finding a pink sock in their laundry and the existential problems that ensue.

From Isaac:

“Friendly little narrated picture book about the grim reaper for this fun season with family.
Hope it’s as much fun to watch as it was to make. All the artwork except the last piece was done with a stylus on a drawing app on my phone. The last piece was an AI prompted image that I thought turned out too good to leave out. (Haha!) Audio recordings were also through the phone. Edited on the computer. Guitar is a good ol’ Salen, improvised, as usual.

I present: Death Does The Laundry

See Isaac’s entry on the .strandberg* SPARK Community page.


For the topic #TwoHandsAreBetterThanOne, Julian Kleiss put his multitasking skills to the test in this original tune inspired by the combination of beatboxing and tapping. You heard it here first!

From Julian:

“Alright, here is some beatbox guitar playing… Tbh practicing this melted my brain a lil bit. #fullyrecoverednow”

See Julian’s entry on the .strandberg* SPARK Community page.


Our final Season 1 highlight comes from long-time SPARK member Victor Mata and his incredible .strandberg* Lego creation for the topic #MiniMe. Perhaps the most portable and travel-friendly Boden design yet!

From Victor:

“Hey guys, hope you’re all doing great!

The one thing mini Victor loved the most was building LEGO sets all day long. Every single time I could ask my parents for something, I would instantly choose a Lego set. Therefore, I decided to pay homage to MiniMe and build him a Strandberg Lego set. Honestly, if this thing existed, I would loose my mind!

At first, I tried building it with spare parts I have laying around, but wasn’t able to gather enough pieces to actually make it. I did a bit of research and found a Lego Studio Software, so I prototyped it. It was a lot of fun learning how to use that software and making a strandy :))
P.d, the program is quite hard on your computer, so that little 4 second video took nearly 2 hours to render out :c

Anyways, hope you like it.”

See Victor’s entry on the .strandberg* SPARK Community page.

Season 2:


One of the highlights from Season 2 was for the topic #Chameleon by SPARK member (and Season 2 winner!) Aditya Mhatre, who designed a custom color-shifting cover for his Boden Prog NX 6. Finally, a guitar that can look however you want it to at a moment’s notice.

From Aditya:

“Introducing .strandberg* Boden Chameleon. A Guitar that can change its finish according to what you are playing.”

See Aditya’s entry on the .strandberg* SPARK Community page.

Another great submission for the Season 2 #Chameleon topic came from Helgi Waage Delgadillo, who harnessed the power of blending in by creating this amazing word search puzzle! Can you spot all 11 words?

From Helgi:

“One has to look around every letter carefully. Each word is like a #chameleon 👀

There are 11 words: Strandberg, Boden, Salen, Varberg, Resq, Prog, Fusion, Singularity, Headless, Ergonomics, and Endurneck. Let me know if you find them 🙂”

See Helgi’s entry on the .strandberg* SPARK Community page.


For the topic #HereComesTheSun, Anil Bahsi yet again worked his Photoshop magic and created this design for the “Lolly Neck”, the first-ever mango-flavored .strandberg* branded icecream! Again, one of the most ergonomic sweets available…

From Helgi:

“Introducing Lolly Neck!

Mango Flavored Ice Cream with an Endurneck Twist! This innovative fruit bar takes its inspiration from the legendary Endurneck, bringing you a uniquely shaped treat.

Lolly Neck is made from the finest mangoes, ensuring an explosion of sweet and tangy flavors that will transport you to sunny beaches with just one taste. 🏖️

Whether you’re chilling by the beach or hosting a backyard barbecue, Lolly Neck is the perfect companion for your summer festivities!

Experience the perfect harmony of mango flavor and frozen fruit goodness. #HereComesTheSun”

See Anil’s entry on the .strandberg* SPARK Community page.


For the Season 2 #EarthDay topic, SPARK member Attila Gyenes tapped into the forces of nature to construct the .strandberg* “Bonsai” guitar, a guitar comprised of truly eco-friendly materials. Maybe the most sustainable guitar ever?

His video demo can also be watched on YouTube.

From Gyenes:

“A new model idea for Earth Day 😁 Prototype made of completely natural and sustainable materials! I’ve found a fallen branch in the garden, and I’ve decorated a cardboard paper with leaves.. It looks like a tree, and the canopy just happens to be like a strandberg body 🙂 In addition, it is completely acoustic and doesn’t consume electricity. But it’s also capable of metal, watch the video!”

See Attila’s entry on the .strandberg* SPARK Community page.


Lastly, for the topic #IWantToRideMyBicycle, Julian Kleiss once again blew our minds away with a new performance video, this time reimagining the classic Queen song with some new lyrics and on a double-necked ukulele. If you think riding a bike takes some coordination, you might want to watch his video first.

From Julian:

“I thought maybe I’d try playing that one Queen song, then inspiration struck and it turned into something else entirely. Lyrics: I haven’t even biked very far. I wish I took a shorter route. I just want to work on my repertoire. I’d rather play guitar, no doubt. Is there a way to play guitar while riding through the lands? Who needs to hold the handlebars? Look ma, no hands!”

See Julian’s entry on the .strandberg* SPARK Community page.


What is SPARK?

.strandberg* Spark is a one-of-a-kind community project, creative competition, and the official Facebook community for anything and everything related to .strandberg* Guitars, where group members create and post original content based on creative prompts in order to win prizes.

The basis for the group is simple: every two weeks, our Spark admin team crafts two topics that are meant to stir the creative juices of group participants, who then contribute their creative spin on the current topics. Each member can post one contribution per topic (two submissions every two weeks) and can be awarded up to 10 points per submission. Each submission is judged by the Spark admin team and judging is based on the creativity, originality, and overall quality of the submission. Every 3 months (AKA “Season”) from the start of the year, the participant with the highest amount of posts earned from the jury will win a .strandberg* Boden Classic or Standard of their choice for free, and among all other participants who have received points, a final .strandberg* guitar will be raffled off at the end of the year.

Spark members are highly encouraged to use any creative resource to come up with their interpretation of the current topics; it’s not just limited to guitar videos, but can be poetry, mixed media, art, fashion, or just about anything you find relevant to the topics presented — the only limit is your creativity!

Head here to learn more about the official Spark rules and to join our creative online community!

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