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Becca Scammond with her .strandberg* Boden Custom Shop 8-String Guitar

.strandberg* artist Becca Scammond with her 8 string Boden Custom Shop

Originally from Portland Maine, music has always played an important role in Rebecca’s life. Although her first instrument was piano, she found her way to guitar at the age of ten having been inspired by her father’s Martin acoustic. From that point on, she had an intense focus on guitar, taking lessons on acoustic, classical and electric.

Over time, her personal style branched out as she discovered heavier and more intense music, and she eventually started craving the lower tones of extended range guitars – which led her to her Strandberg Boden 8. The beautiful tone, paired with the amazing playability of the ergonomic design resulted in her Strandberg guitar quickly becoming her favorite instrument.

Rebecca attended Berklee College of Music, where she had the opportunity to study with Joe Stump. After Berklee, she continued study with Christian Muenzner (Eternity’s End, Akaloid, ex-Obscura, ex-Necrophagist).

Rebecca filled in on guitar with East of the Wall on their 2014 US tour. She also did a guest solo on Six Feet Under’s latest album “Crypt of the Devil” which was released in 2015. Currently, she plays with the band Laser Show Death Machine, who will release their debut album in 2016.