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At Strandberg Guitars, we want to address real guitar and bass player problems, which is why we created our headless guitars that have various features that make you sound better at the end of the day.

We have a huge fan base of our Boden, Sälen, and Varberg design guitars and basses, and the Strandberg family keeps breaking new ground every day!

We know how important the visual expression of you, the player, and your guitar, is. But we know that there are still those of you out there that don’t like to looks of headless guitar.If you are one of those people, we now have the solution for many of your everyday scenarios, letting you experience the benefits of a .strandberg* guitar, but still maintaining the appearance of playing a traditional guitar!

Introducing Oldschoolme

You can now instantly appear in social media and video streams as if you are still playing your traditional guitar, while actually playing your .strandberg*!

We are making this available initially as a free Instagram effect with a small instrument library, but as our amazing AI develops, we will be bringing you more and more guitar models to choose from, as well as additional platforms to work with through our paid subscription model.

Today, 1st of April only, if you sign up to our waitlist, you will unlock the first 10 of the upcoming guitar models.

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