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The Boden RESQ:D Concept

Producing premium guitars is often more difficult than producing many other types of products due to one major factor: the use of one of the most beloved, valuable, and scarce materials: wood. At .strandberg*, we take the use of woods very seriously: from its natural beauty for aesthetics and strength for rigidity and sound quality to its efficient use to reduce waste that degrades our planet.

A relatively high percentage of .strandberg* guitars feature natural and transparent finishes to highlight the beauty of the woods but, during the milling process of production, natural wood defects such as knots and mineral stains show up, and then guitar bodies with these flaws are set aside. Instead of scrapping these bodies to be burned or used in landfill, we have rescued them to create the most affordable .strandberg*guitars ever: Boden RESQ:D.

On the heels of this release, .strandberg* Guitars founder, Ola Strandberg, discusses the philosophies and concepts behind the latest line of guitars, aimed at producing sustainable, accessible, and high-quality models in exclusive finishes with unique configurations. Watch the release video below.




For more information on the Boden RESQ:D concept, visit the featured product page here.

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