Boden Standard 6 Tremolo Maple Quilt Bengal Burst


The Boden Standard Series guitars were developed to provide the same key features that our guitars are acclaimed for but with solidbody construction, our own design pickups, and figured Maple top veneers to reduce costs and offer a line that delivers outstanding value as well as top flight performance. The solidbody has a distinctively different kind of sound and response than the chambered body and it isn’t better or worse: just different and a matter of personal preference.

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Solidbody construction with the same key .strandberg* design and features

The Boden Standard

What makes it special?

The Boden Standard was developed to provide great majority of the premium features found on such models as the Original, Prog, and Fusion but with a solid American Basswood body, Quilted or Flame Maple veneers on a solid 5 mm Maple top and our own specially designed pickups. The result is a lineup of guitars that provides all of the distinctive characteristics and key features that the Boden guitars are known for at a superb value for the working musician. All Standard models feature Roasted Maple necks and fretboards with the EndurNeck profile, Luminlay face and side dots, Jescar stainless steel frets and the innovative .strandberg* hardware as on all of our guitars.

What does it do?

The combination of Basswood with a solid Maple top and Maple neck/fretboard is considered the “Holy Grail” of electric guitar wood combinations by many top guitar builders and artists alike, producing an ideal balance between warmth, punch, brilliance and sustain for an extremely well-rounded sound that’ll excel at virtually any musical genre or playing style. Our pickups were custom designed and wound to our specifications to bring out the best acoustic properties of the woods and hardware for a very balanced and rich sound through any amplification system.

Who is it for?

The Standard models are for players who do not require high-end features such as chambered body, 4-A grade figured top/fretboard, and name brand pickups but require the same premium look, sound and features that provide the performance they need as well as long-lasting value. Like our Classic models, the solidbody construction offers a different type of feel and sound than the chambered-body guitars but still delivers the trademark .strandberg* clarity, articulation, sustain, and warm woody character that our guitars have become known for.

The Boden Standard Series guitars were developed to provide the same key features that our guitars are acclaimed for but with solidbody construction, our own design pickups, and figured Maple top veneers to reduce costs and offer a line that delivers outstanding value as well as top flight performance. The solidbody has a distinctively different kind of sound and response than the chambered body and it isn’t better or worse: just different and a matter of personal preference.

The body consists of solid American Basswood with quarter-inch Maple top capped with either Flame or Quilted Maple for a balanced and punchy tone that is superbly complemented by the roasted Maple neck and fretboard. One of the classic wood combinations espoused by top custom guitar builders and world class artists alike, Basswood/Maple body and Maple neck/fretboard combo provides the ideal balance between warmth with full-bodied richness and strong high-midrange with sweet singing treble.

The new .strandberg* OEM pickups were designed and wound to our exacting specifications to deliver a wide range of great sounds from vintage clean to over-the-top high-gain distortion. The figured Maple veneers ensure a stunning look while the solid Maple top underneath works in conjunction with the body back wood to add brilliance, tightness and punch. Overall, the Standard Series guitars are no-compromise instruments you can count on to deliver the performance you expect from a .strandberg*.

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  1. Width: 315 mm/12.4″
  2. Length: 800 mm/31.5″
  3. Thickness: 42 mm/1.65″
  4. Long Scale: 25.5”
  5. Short Scale: 25″
  6. String spread at nut: 35 mm/1.37″
  7. String spacing at bridge: 10.5 mm/.41″
  8. Neutral fret: 0


  • Bolt-On Construction
  • Solid Body with Arm, Torso and Heel Carves
  • Solid Maple top with Book-matched Flame or Quilt Maple Veneer
  • Basswood Body
  • Available Finishes: Bengal Burst/Trans Blue Semi-gloss Polyurethane
  • Approximate Weight 2,4 kg / 5,3 lbs +/- 10%
  • Manufactured in Indonesia


  • .strandberg* EGS Series 5 Tremolo bridge & string locks
  • Black Hardware
  • Original Luminlay™ Green Side Dots
  • Original Luminlay™ Green Inlays

Neck & Frets

  • Roasted Maple Neck, Carbon Fiber reinforced
  • EndurNeck™ Profile
  • Roasted Maple Fretboard
  • 20″ Fretboard Radius
  • 24 Frets
  • Jescar 51100 Stainless Steel Fretwire (57110 for zero-fret)
  • D’Addario NYXL 10-46
  • Standard tuning EADGBE


Sonic Profile

  • H-S-S Pickup Configuration
  • Neck: .strandberg* designed passive single coil
  • Middle: .strandberg* designed passive single coil
  • Bridge: .strandberg* designed passive humbucker
  • 5-Way Pickup Selector
    1. Neck
    2. Neck + Middle in parallel (hum canceling)
    3. Middle
    4. Middle + Bridge outer coil in parallel
    5. Bridge
  • Master Volume + Master Tone
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01 Sep 2020
Nicholas R.
Well crafted instrument - a pleasure to play and wonderful service

I'm writing this review after sending my guitar back. Although it wasn't *quite* right for me I was still very impressed. Build quality, hardware and finish were all wonderful, easily comparable with Japanese guitars in the price bracket. The Endurneck was extremely comfortable, far less chunky than I'd feared and took no time to get used to. Fretwork was excellent and the Strandberg own pickups were really very well balanced. The only bad bits were the 1) Tuners were somewhat difficult to turn but tuning stability was so good this a minor complaint. 2) Fret markers are very subtle against the fretboard. This is purely personal.. and I realise front facing frets may be unfashionable these days.. but I find very prominent ones particularly useful with fanned frets, especially to the higher end of the fretboard. 3) Very poor sustain to the higher notes (12 fret+). Notes would ring out for 75% of the duration compared with my two other 6 string guitars (neck through construction, one with FR, one with a TOM bridge). I'm not sure if it was a setup thing, the tremelo, bolt-on neck construction or because the guitar has low mass. Unfortunately this was the deal breaker for me. :-( And not a complaint, but one interesting thing I noticed was that the lack of a heavy headstock means the guitar will move about a lot more if you have a caveman touch with your fretting hand, like I clearly do! I would still like a Strandberg but I couldn't justify keeping this one given the apparent lack of sustain with higher notes. Perhaps I need to try a neck through or hard tail version?

03 Sep 2020
.strandberg* Guitars EU

Hi Nicholas, sorry to hear that we weren't able to wow you on all fronts. Some of the areas you mentioned (sustain in particular) don't sound representative for our guitars, so I hope we get an opportunity to let you play more guitars. We offer a brass replacement tremolo block that will affect the total mass of the guitar, as well as the tone, but the sustain issue is probably related to something else setup related. Otherwise, a hardtail would also make a difference. But, yes there is the "headless wiggle" (which is a thing) that you need to get around. Usually, the adjustment of playing technique will be beneficial overall. /Ola

02 Aug 2020
Corinna M.
I love my guitar

I really love my guitar! The feeling when I play the guitar is unbelievable The quality is perfect If you wanna buy a strandberg guitar Just do it It is worth it!!!

30 Jul 2020
Marcus J.
Great instrument with great attention to detail.

You would be suprised how well thought out this piece of art is. The instrument detects all flaws that the traditional electric guitar has and corrects them. It sounds great, plays great. Simply amazing!

08 Apr 2020
Björn C.
Stabdard 6 HSS: My new main guitar

Really happy with my purchase, great playability and great quality overall. The look and feel of the wood makes it feel really premium and combined with the innovation in neck and body shape it's so much easier to play than any of my other guitars. I've also had some issues with shoulder pain from playing but with this guitar I have a much better position so the problems have gone away. The order process was also very smooth. Ordered on monday and received it on wednesday.

26 Mar 2020
Guenter D.
Review Boden Standard 6 Tremolo Maple Quilt Bengal Burst!

Dear Ola First I want to say thank you for your innovation-guitar. The guitar is extremly comfortable to hold, in every position. So I’m able to exercise in almost every situation. Also it is for me very good and carefully crafted, a beauty in itself. Sound: astonishing, especially the single coils. Now here is the „but“: 1. No surprise: the humbucker is a bit too much cut in the high frequencies, compared to the single coils. 2. In respect to the light-strings is the sound very even and good, but there lacks sustain, even compared to a stratocaster (light or heavy weight). This is, what I have to complain. 3. I can’t mount heavier strings. I play as low E a 052-string, but the hole is so tiny, that i can’t mount it. 4. Consequence: for playing live, or with other musicians, i will not use this guitar. It IS a beauty, but for training at home. Nevertheless I’m very thankful for your research! There are only some cosmetic details in the sonicly sense, and concerning the hardware (mounting heavier strings), and I’m sure, the day will come, when this all is fixed. Sorry for my swiss-english. Kind regards, best wishes Guenther Doblies

01 Jun 2020
.strandberg* Guitars EU

Guenter, thank you for your detailed feedback on the Boden Standard Tremolo guitar. I'm happy that you seem to be enjoying the playability of it, which is what is difficult to do anything about if something is wrong. Regarding your points here are a few thoughts: 1. pickup choices are always subjective, and we have aimed for a balanced and modern sound that is usable in many playing styles. The good news is that they are easy to replace with something that meets your needs better. 2. we very rarely hear anything about lacking sustain - please do get in touch with our support and let's see if there is anything setup related that prevents the guitar from performing perfectly. 3. this is an easy fix (which should not have been there in the first place, of course) - please get in touch with support and we will take care of it. 4. I hope that with taking the above into account, we can help change your mind!

Unique Qualities

Anatomy of a Strandberg

There are many design elements and factors that comprise a .strandberg* guitar. Each aspect - from the materials and components used to the ergonomic design features - has been carefully thought out and implemented to produce a guitar that is light weight, easy to play and has a big woody organic sound. Explore these different aspects that set a .strandberg* guitar apart from the rest.


By removing weight from the headstock, your guitar can be made very light and yet balanced. You can play with greater comfort for longer.

Versatile Body Shape

The body shape provides multiple seated playing positions for maximum comfort and versatility.

Scale Lengths Adapted to You

A multi-scale design allows your wrist to remain relaxed throughout the range of play. A longer scale length for the heavier strings provide better tone, and shorter in the thinner strings better playability.

Patented Neck Profile

Our patented EndurNeck™ profile promotes a more correct playing position. The result: you can play longer, faster, better and avoid injury.

Space Age Materials

Our hunt for great tone and low weight led us to using aircraft grade aluminium and carbon fiber for maximum performance.

Proprietary Hardware

The custom .strandberg* hardware is a vital contributor to the tone of the instrument. Lightweight aircraft grade aluminium and tight coupling of components ensure that nothing prevents the strings' vibrations from entering the body.

Read More

Artist Profiles

What our artist say

The extremely talented artists who play .strandberg* guitars have a clear vision of where they want to take their art and how to get there with the instruments they play. The guitar they choose to play is a statement of who they are as an artist and a reflection of the music they create. Find out why some of the most cutting-edge players in the world today choose a .strandberg*.