Taking metal to new realms with eclecticism, precision and taste

Sarah Longfield


One of the most exciting new guitarists in the metal genre, Sarah Longfield has attained international notoriety in metal circles with her superb 8-string technique, feel for melody, and eclectic musical background to take metal to new uncharted territories. In a short amount of time, Sarah has garnered a strong following worldwide and has been busy recording, doing clinics and going on tours on both the national and international levels.

Sarah started out on music at the age of 8 on piano and then took up violin at 10, the flute at 11 and the guitar at age 12, which then led her to also take on drums/percussion as well as cello. This broad and eclectic musical background and training at an early age led her to have a very open mind towards all kinds of musical styles and genres even as she delved into the aggressive sounds of metal.

As she developed more and more proficiency on the guitar through her teen years, she realized that the next step was to write and record her own music all by herself. Having been introduced to home recording techniques, she absorbed recording software, mixing and production methods. This development inspired her to take writing seriously and soon she was writing music that’d be covered live by her band called The Fine Constant.

Sarah’s main guitar is a custom-painted Boden 8 but she also owns a Metal 8 and a Metal 6 with the Fishman TriplePlay MIDI guitar system for recording. Describing the guitars as “incredibly ergonomic and comfortable to play”, Sarah has put them to great use through her very busy recording and touring schedule.

We are proud and excited to work with a such promising young musician whose future seems so bright and brimming with potential. We applaud her enthusiasm and her firm resolve to constantly make progress and push the musical envelope. As with all of our world class artists, we look forward to working with her very closely to develop new instruments that will help her achieve her artistic and musical goals long into the future.

Over-the-top brutal yet musically articulate and expressive

Boden Metal NX 8 Sarah Longfield Edition

The new Boden Metal NX 8 Sarah Longfield Edition is an update of the popular original 8-string Sarah Longfield Edition with the new NX features that have elevated the Boden line to a new level of playability, sound, comfort, and functionality. Still featuring the stunning Black Doppler finish that gives the guitar a unique visual identity, the Metal NX 8 Sarah Longfield Edition now features the new neck heel and arm cut bevels, the Rev7 hardware, and Richlite fretboard for greater comfort, improved tone, and easier maintenance.

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The upper echelons of eight-string guitar are full of unbelievable guitar talent, but they'll need to make room for one more: [...] Sarah Longfield stakes her claim as one of shred/prog/math-rock’s brightest new hopes.

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