Legendary prog-fusion sideman and solo artist sets the highest standards

Mike Keneally


Starting out in music at the age of 7 on an electric organ, Mike Keneally started playing the guitar at 11 and also learned to play the bass and drums to develop into one of the most complete musicians in the contemporary music scene today. Mike developed a notoriety as Frank Zappa’s stunt guitarist as well as keyboardist in Zappa’s 1988 tour band and furthering his legendary status touring with Steve Vai and, currently, as the second guitarist and keyboardist in Joe Satriani’s band.

A consummate musician who has rare virtuosic skills on both the guitar and keyboards, Mike is also a prolific composer and solo artist with 11 solo albums to his credit as well as various collaborative projects with various high profile artists such as Dweezil Zappa, James LaBrie, Henry Kaiser, Andy West and Dethklok. In 2008 Mike also formed a power trio (KMB) with bassist Bryan Beller and drummer Marco Minnemann which eventually became Joe Satriani’s touring band in 2013.

As active as ever in the contemporary rock/prog/fusion scene, Mike continues to explore new musical territories with his solo albums and tours as well as touring and recording with some of the most esteemed artists in the instrumental music field. As a monster guitarist who has played and worked with legends such as Vai, Satriani and Guthrie Govan, Mike has earned a reputation as a legendary musician who can play literally anything on both the guitar and keyboards.

Recently, we were able to get a Boden Prog 6 into his hands to try out and he hasn’t been able to let go of it since. He liked the Prog 6 so much that he asked to also try a Boden Prog 7 and was equally as smitten by the guitar, taking both guitars on worldwide tours with Satriani. Describing the EndurNeck as ingenious, magnificent, and comfortable to play, both Boden models have become a mainstay in his instrument arsenal.

We are most proud and excited to work with one of the great legends of modern instrumental music today. Mike and .strandberg* share a common attitude and aspiration of always seeking continuous improvement and refinement of our respective crafts. It is an honor to work with such a legendary musician and we look forward to working with Mike even more closely in the years ahead.

Aggressive and sophisticated with the distinctive .strandberg* sonic character

The Boden Prog 6 Natural

Whether you desire that extra little brightness that Ebony delivers or prefer its slick feel underneath your fingertips, the Prog 6 and 7 are more than versatile enough to excel in any musical genre and lets your distinctive playing style and character come through with superb clarity and definition.

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The neck is so ingenious and magnificent and comfortable to play. I love the whole instrument a lot.

Mike Keneally