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.strandberg* and True Temperament were both born in Sweden, and Futur is where the two pioneers join forces to design and manufacture the ultimate forward-thinking .strandberg* guitars.




The Boden Futur represents the cutting-edge product development project for .strandberg* Guitars.

The first Futur is the TT6 Archetype (6-string True Temperament) that will be available in Natural and Racing Green finishes. Featuring Alder body with solid 4A-Grade Flamed Ash, quartersawn roasted Flamed Maple neck and fretboard, the premium materials exude a luxurious glow as well as providing a lively acoustic resonance that .strandberg* guitars are known for.

The ultimate extension

The Futur is the ultimate extension of the .strandberg* design and concept and from which .strandberg* will continue to evolve and revolutionize as well as be manufactured and crafted in the future.

All at its rightful birthplace of Sweden. Collaborating closely with True Temperament from wood selection to final assembly, the revolutionary fretting system becomes a natural extension of the .strandberg* guitar and its potential is fully realized. The Futur is bright and the TT6 Archetype is only the beginning.


.strandberg* Boden Futur

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