Unique blend of rock & blues

Erin Coburn


Erin Coburn is blazing a trail through modern rock, twisting her own stories and emotions into a sound like no other. Erin’s release, “Sleeve” went viral on TikTok after she posted an eight-second teaser of the song. Erin finished the song two days later in her studio and released it for all to rock out to! Erin has performed and written with Grammy award-winning artists in Nashville, opened for notable acts such as The Marcus King Band, Blackberry Smoke, and Larry McCray, and has played well-known festivals such as Bliss Fest, SummerFest, and the King Biscuit Blues Festival. She continues to tour regularly at venues and festivals across the United States.

Those that attend Erin’s live shows describe her as having a mesmerizing stage presence with her intricate arrangements and dynamic lyrics. She commands her band with effortless confidence while giving the audience something unexpected, like shredding her electric ukulele during a hypnotizing solo. It’s hard to pigeonhole Erin’s style of music into one genre, which makes her music all the more compelling. It’s no wonder she’s seen her music placed on the Top 100 on the Americana Radio Charts.

You can find Erin on all social media platforms under @erincoburnofficial

The Boden Classic enters a new era

Boden Classic NX 6 Malta Blue

The Boden Classic NX is the modern and futuristic take of the classic time-tested bolt-on solid body design with many of the same innovative and groundbreaking ergonomic design and functionality features that the Boden has become renowned for. Incorporating a pickguard on a solid Alder body for a cool retro-modern look and a more traditional sound with the Suhr™ Thornbucker Plus humbucker pickup in raw nickel cover in the bridge position and a pair of Suhr™ V60LP single-coil pickups, the new Boden Classic NX guitars deliver tone, style, feel, and the vibe that traditionalists can enjoy while benefitting from the lightweight design and the Boden’s acclaimed ergonomic features.

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The pinnacle of the highly acclaimed Boden design

Boden Fusion 6 Neck-Thru Trans Teal

the Boden Neck-Thru is a state-of-the-art evolution that will take your playing and music to new realms of musical creativity. The vaunted ergonomic features are further expanded and refined to provide unfettered access to the high register of the fretboard, allowing you to explore new techniques and sounds with incredible comfort and ease.

The Boden Fusion NT features chambered Alder body wings, solid Flame Maple top, Roasted Maple neck-thru-body, and Roasted Birdseye Maple fretboard for a warm, rich, and full-sounding tone that can cut through any mix with a focused punch that is characteristic of the neck-thru-body construction. The highly regarded Suhr passive pickups in HSH configuration provide a plethora of high-gain humbucker and crystal clean single-coil sounds with distinct musicality that are suitable for virtually all playing styles and musical genres.

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