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Alex Machacek Edition


Boden Fusion NX

Alex Machacek Edition

One of the most highly acclaimed and respected virtuosos in the modern jazz fusion scene today, Alex Machacek has been a trailblazing innovator who is constantly exploring new musical territories and expanding the genre’s boundaries. Whether it is traditional jazz, technical fusion, or mainstream rock, Alex can fuse and morph such diverse and challenging idioms to a coherent whole that is uniquely his alone. Combining awe-inspiring technique with an equally broad and deep understanding of advanced harmonic language along with tasteful phrasing and rich organic tone, Alex is the consummate player and composer who covers all and plays them all.

With the development of the NX line, we worked closely with Alex to develop his next generation signature model guitar that would meet all of his demanding requirements. Besides all of the upgrades featured in the NX line like the Rev7 hardware, the new neck-body joint heel, the smoothened arm contour, and the Rosewood fretboard featured on the Fusion model, a lot of time and effort were spent on developing his ideal set of pickups with our pickup guru Michael Frank. The result is an instrument that Alex is truly happy with functionally as well as sonically, opening up even more possibilities both technically and tonally to create and play with complete freedom.

.strandberg* Alex Machacek Edition humbuckers

Featuring chambered Alder body with a solid Maple top and Flame Maple veneer, the Maple neck is now complemented by his favorite fretboard wood: the venerated Indian Rosewood for deeper warmth in the mids with the sparkling presence that only this wood can deliver. The NX Rev7 hardware not only improves functionality for easier setup and string changes but also provides a punchier and more solid fundamental tone and increased sustain. The new joint heel makes playing in the upper register a breeze while the new arm contour further enhances playing comfort.

All these improvements are significant with the NX but Alex wanted more: the pickups that would deliver his vision of the ideal guitar sound for whatever genre and style he wanted to play. We set out to achieve this vision by working closely with Alex and legendary pickup designer Michael Frank. After many months of designing and testing many prototypes with different types of magnets, wires, and winding patterns in live and recording situations, Alex was finally satisfied with a set that has become the .strandberg* Alex Machacek Edition humbuckers.

One of the most versatile guitars we’ve designed

Sonically, the Boden Fusion NX Alex Machacek Edition is one of the most versatile guitars we’ve designed and produced in that it can cover the difficult medium and low-gain and classic tones as well as modern high-gain and crystal-clear sounds with an authentic quality and tonal flavor that will satisfy the most demanding tone connoisseurs. The bridge and neck humbuckers are carefully matched, featuring Alnico 2 magnet and 43 Formvar wire for the bridge with 12K DC resistance and Alnico 3 magnet and 42 Formvar wire for the neck with 8K DC resistance. Extremely dynamic and sensitive to the pick attack and the nuances of the player’s touch, these pickups sound extraordinarily clear yet organic, warm with harmonic richness, and musical. The .strandberg* Fusion middle single-coil combines with both humbuckers to provide superb “in-between” single-coil sounds for jangly or sparkling rhythm or throaty lead sounds.

The Boden Fusion NX Alex Machacek Edition is one of the most versatile .strandberg* guitars ever conceived and rightfully developed for one of the most accomplished and versatile guitarists on the planet. It is an instrument that can cover them all with authority and musicality and which will continue to grow with your own musical development and exploration. Wherever the muse takes you, this instrument will follow and make that musical journey that much more exciting and rewarding for you today and long into the future.

Boden Fusion NX Alex Machacek Edition Specs

  • Chambered Alder body
  • Maple top with Flame Maple veneer
  • New neck heel carve and arm cut
  • Maple with 5-ply CF reinforcement
  • Indian Rosewood fretboard
  • 25”–25.5” scale length
  • 24 Jescar stainless steel frets
  • .strandberg* Alex Machacek Edition HSH passive pickups
  • New .strandberg* EGS 7 Pro tremolo
  • New EGS 7 string lock and knobs
  • Available in Trans Red Burst
  • Venture Gig Bag

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Boden Fusion NX Alex Machacek Edition

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