Kenny Serane

Kenny Serane


Kenny Serane is a Montreal-based guitarist and composer, known for his competitive guitar contest achievements, instructional guitar courses, genre-medley videos, and work on several world-renown projects.

Working in the music business for over 25 years, Kenny has won a number of prizes at various competitions and exhibitions for his work as a guitarist and composer. With an interest in all existing types of music and enriched by many collaborations, he defines himself as a multi-skilled artist.

After studying at the famous Musician’s Institute in Los Angeles, CA, Kenny went on to work professionally with several bands, as well as accomplishing notable studio and multimedia work, such as the grand opening of the Hard Rock Hotel in Florida, Halloween Parade in New York, and the arrangement of a song for Monaco in the Eurovision Song Contest 2005.

In 2015, Kenny won first place in the JTC Guitar Contest among more than 2000 guitarists around the world, preceding his integration into the team based in England, and has released 9 instructional videos to date. In 2016, Kenny placed 2nd in the worldwide competition The Guitar Idol after having defended one of his original compositions at The 100 Club, a famous London concert hall.

He has also worked in the video game industry composing several songs for the game Citywars Savage, available on Steam. His first album, Rainbowmaker, is available on all streaming platforms.

Keep up with Kenny on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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Kenny Serane