Groundbreaking Norwegian progressive rock and fusion composer



Owane is a composer, musician, and surfer from the north of Norway. Having worked as a producer for many artists from an early age, Owane is also an innovative musician and artist in his own right. He released his first EP in 2015, Greatest Hits, and has since then released 6 other albums. His style can be described as fusion and progressive rock.

Although Owane never refers to himself as a guitarist; all his songs are heavily guitar-orientated. “The guitar is just a tool for me that I use for my compositions”.

We’re proud to work with such talented and creative musicians, and can’t wait to see what bright future lies ahead of Owane.

“As a composer/producer, I spend most of my time in front of the computer. And having a .strandberg* on my lap is amazing because it’s so light and small that I barely notice it being there. The fact that it also sounds good just makes it the perfect guitar for me. It’s also a dream to travel with.”

Owane on his Boden Classic


The Boden Classic NX Series


The Boden Classic models have been a favorite of .strandberg* fans who appreciate and enjoy all the benefits of the Boden model but prefer a more classic styling or traditional aesthetic. The new Boden Classic NX 6 Malta Blue fuses the best of modern .strandberg* innovation with time-proven classicism to provide an exceptional playing experience while delivering all the classic sounds of the yesteryears.

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“He’s a useful dude."

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