Dead by April

Pontus Hjelm


Pontus Hjelm from Dead by April
Metal just strikes the soul harder then any other genre.
Founded in the heart of Gothenburg, Sweden in 2007.
In the wake of the Myspace-era, they got their big breakthrough in 2009 when the song Losing You was successfully pitched to the Swedish version of the TV-show Robinson.

We then topped the charts for three weeks straight and we’ve been pretty much touring the world ever since.
“One of my most memorable moments is when we opened up for the mighty Linkin Park in Finland, 2015.
That was just insane in so many ways!” – Pontus Hjelm

Visually sleek and futuristic

Boden Metal 8 Black Pearl

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"Strandberg guitars are not just guitars. They are scientifically engineered super-instruments that enhance playability and promote creativity."

Pontus Hjelm