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The .strandberg* Spark Project

For many months we’ve been working on a special community project to develop both a ‘Street Team’ and a content engine, which was called codename: Spark. This project is a highly ambitious program that seeks the participation of not just guitarists, but all artist and anyone who is creative. This is our solution of having a ground floor for anyone to not only interact with the .strandberg* brand, but to network with other creative individuals as well as challenge your creativity with currently relevant bi-weekly topics. The best part is that we want to reward members of Spark for their contributions, so we’ve developed a reward system called ‘Ignite’. Similar to earning tickets at an arcade to trade in for prizes, Ignite works off of collecting ‘flint’, where enough flint collected can be cashed in for great prizes in our shop as well as many other prizes to come.
Spark project chairman Brock Benzel

Mr. Brock Benzel has been chosen to be the chairman of the Spark program, as well as several other leads that will assist Brock in creating the content. This content is intended to be topic starters based upon the chosen topic. From there, anyone can post their creative version of the chosen topic and if the leads and chairman like, that member will be rewarded a flint. Collecting flint can be used to cash in for prizes in our Shop.

Contribution for topic #7 - What if Mona Lisa were a .strandberg* artist? Look at that enigmatic smile : D

How it works:

  1. Topics are chosen on a Bi-Weekly basis; there will be a couple of options in case you cannot come up with something based on one you can choose the other. Being creative as possible is the key2.
  2. Everyone will be given two weeks to submit content, in which case after that point submissions will close and the winners will be chosen based upon the content.
  3. Criteria for successful content is as follows: 1. Content’s relevancy to topic 2. Quality of image/video/etc. 3. Creative use of resources and overall creativity
  4. One the Topic cycle is completed, a new set of topics will be chosen. During the new cycle the winners of the ‘flint’ will be chosen. Members can cash in on prizes as they collect enough ‘flint’. You are not obligated to participate, only when you feel the creative juices flowing!

To Join and to get all the details of the program, please follow the link to our Facebook group here:

We look forward to working with you to having some serious creative fun!

Spark lead Ziyan Hussain meeting up with Plini on tour

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