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The Boden Essential gets perfect score and Platinum Award by Total Guitar

The Boden Essential continues to impress players and reviewers across the world. After receiving a perfect score, 10/10, in, the Boden Essential is now awarded Platinum by Total Guitar Magazine, who emphasizes the high level of innovation and exceptional ergonomics and playability.

“Convoluted of chords feel like a breeze”

The review by Total Guitar praises the design, saying that “the Boden Essential is weighted correctly and doesn’t feel lopsided in the way headless models from other companies have in the past” while also stating that it’s “as user-friendly as a guitar can get.”

Highlighting the unique design features of the patented Endurneck™, the review is claiming that “a neck that can make the most ambitious of stretches and convoluted of chords feel like a breeze – making the player feel like they’re capable of almost anything.

Perfect score in every category

Scoring the Boden Essential a maximum of 5/5 stars for each category available: features, sound quality, value for money, build quality and playability, Total Guitar says: “the Boden Essential may be a modern classic, but it’s a classic nonetheless.”

Naturally all of us here at .strandberg* are proud and happy that the Boden Essential continues its voyage through the ranks and on the way to becoming the definitive firsthand choice for aspiring guitar players all over the world.

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