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The Artistry of Extended Range

After exploring the merits of making the switch from a traditional 6-string to an extended-range model, today we’re turning the spotlight onto 3 of our esteemed extended-range artists: Benjamin Ellis, Soumia Ghechami, and Connor Kaminski. Each has embraced the extended range and multi-scale designs of .strandberg* guitars, specifically the Boden Standard NX series. Let’s journey through their stories and discover their extended range skills.

Benjamin Ellis: Metal Maestro with the Boden Standard NX 7 Tremolo Charcoal

From the iconic riffs of Iron Maiden to the boundary-pushing compositions of bands like Scar Symmetry and Pentakill, Benjamin Ellis is a force to be reckoned with. His eclectic influences, ranging from metal to film scores showcase his versatility and technical prowess. Starting his guitar journey at the age of 16, Benjamin’s passion quickly transformed from playing to creating.

The Boden Standard NX 7 Tremolo Charcoal complements his style perfectly. With its solid American Basswood body, custom-designed .strandberg* OEM passive humbuckers, and the EGS Pro Rev 7 tremolo system, it’s truly a powerhouse of an instrument. The combination ensures that Benjamin can seamlessly transition between melodic lines and aggressive riffs, all with unparalleled clarity.


Soumia Ghechami: A Symphony of Sounds with the Boden Standard NX 7 Charcoal

Beginning her musical journey on the classical piano, Soumia Ghechami found her true calling with the guitar. Drawing inspiration from guitar legends like Guthrie Govan, she expanded her horizons, quickly becoming a revered session guitarist and amassing a considerable following across social media. From orchestras to progressive rock and metal bands, Soumia’s versatility knows no bounds.

The Boden Standard NX 7 Charcoal is her instrument of choice. Designed with the musician in mind, this guitar sports a solid American Basswood body, sculpted neck heel, arm bevels, and the signature EndurNeck™ Profile for maximum ergonomic benefit. Soumia’s recent video, where she explores lush RnB-style clean tones and high-gain textures, perfectly demonstrates the guitar’s capabilities.


Connor Kaminski: Pushing Boundaries with the Boden Standard NX 8 Charcoal

From his “bedroom shred” beginnings to his progressive metal masterpieces, England-based guitarist Connor Kaminski is a beacon of modern instrumental music. His commitment to refining his craft has earned him collaborations with industry giants and a dedicated following on platforms like Instagram and YouTube.

Connor’s choice, the Boden Standard NX 8 Charcoal, speaks volumes about .strandberg*’s dedication to meeting the needs of modern guitarists. This guitar incorporates the latest NX features, including the EGS Rev 7 hardware, which not only adds robustness but also heightens its acoustic tonal character and playability. In his recent song “Fester”, Connor showcases his unique approach to songwriting, highlighting the rich tonalities and diverse soundscape that the 8-string guitar brings to the table.

Discover the Extended World of .strandberg*

Our artists’ journeys underscore the vast potential and versatility of 7- and 8-string guitars. If the allure of extended range and multiscale designs has captured your imagination, we invite you to dive deeper.

Revisit our initial post on the advantages of transitioning to these guitars, and explore our entire range of 7 string models and 8 string models to find your ideal match.


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