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SPARK Community — Season 3.5 Recap

In celebration of the newest Spark prizes from the good people at Stone Age Guitar Picks and Sheet Happens, we’re excited to recap some of our favorite entries from the previous round of related topics: #primitive and #scribble.

#primitive: The Age of Stone! Put your caveperson hat on and create something in a primitive way. What would prehistoric music sound like today? How would your ancestors solve modern-day problems? Unga bunga?

#scribble: Sheet Does Happen! Whether you want to transcribe something creatively by ear, make a piece of art using only scribbles, or write a whole new tab language, it’s time to put pen to paper and get scribbling!

Anıl Bahşi – #primitive

#primitive submission by Anıl Bahşi

To kick off our #primitive topic, one of several submissions by Spark Community member Anıl Bahşi was this Sälen body design composed entirely of stones! It’s unclear whether Anıl used actual stones to create this image, or if it’s a genius work of Photoshop magic, but either way, it’s simple, elegant, and effective, and easily one of our favorite submissions from this season.

You can view Anıl’s submission on the Spark Community page here.

Antonio Pérez – #scribble

As part of the #scribble topic, this submission of drawings by talented Spark Community member Antonio Pérez of .strandberg* Guitars artists Sarah Longfield and Plini blew us away! We loved the simplicity and use of open space in these drawings, as well as the tasteful addition of watercolors on the guitars themselves. Excellent work, Antonio!

You can view Antonio’s submission on the Spark Community page here.

Antonio Pérez – #primitive

Another astounding submission by Antonio (this time for #primitive), he created this entertaining re-edit of the classic Spongebob Squarepants episode entitled “Me and my friend playing a .strandberg* for the first time”, where Spongebob and Patrick pass a jellyfish back and forth, even though they continue to get shocked. Not only did Antonio edit the guitar in, but his use of actual guitar strumming noises as the characters get shocked only adds to the comedic effect. A must-watch!

Watch Antonio’s submission here.

Antonio Pérez – #scribble

And yet another great submission by Antonio (again for #scribble), Antonio submitted this wonderful scribble animation of Plini’s music video for his song “I’ll Tell You Someday”. By loosely tracing around Plini, his signature Boden guitar, and the environment for each frame by hand, a lively, scribble-effect is achieved and completely floored us. Another must-watch!

Watch Antonio’s submission here.

Anıl Bahşi – #primitive

Another great submission by Anıl Bahşi for the #primitive topic, they unearthed this cave painting featuring what appear to be a couple of Sälen guitars being played by an ancient civilization. What a throwback!

“The first gig with headless guitars in history. The first guitars in history had headless neck. Go headless, ancient instinct will guide you.”

You can view Anıl’s submission on the Spark Community page here.

Anıl Bahşi – #scribble

You guessed it, another wonderful submission by Anıl Bahşi (this time for #scribble), they created this scribbled poster of the new Sälen Jazz using sketchy linework mixed with bold, geometric lines! The effect is a very modern interpretation of the Sälen body design that would fit nicely as a piece of art hanging on a wall in any home or as a phone background.

You can view Anıl’s submission on the Spark Community page here.

Jason Schulze – #primitive

Lastly, Spark Community member Jason Schulze created this fantastic rendition of a few characters from the Flintstones rocking out on some Boden guitars and basses as part of the #primitive topic. If only they had this technology back in the prehistoric era!

You can view Jason’s submission on the Spark Community page here.

.strandberg* SPARK is the official Facebook group of .strandberg* Guitars, dedicated to finding new ways to be creative via prompts that are announced every two weeks. You can learn more about SPARK and join the community here.

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