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Remembering the summer tour

As summer ends, and fall lays its chilly arms around us, let’s look back at the #strandbergsummertour. This was a real joy for us, to see so many of you bring your guitar outside (or inside) to the place where you find the most inspiration.

A total of almost 130 images were tagged to join the contest you really went out of your way to bring us closer to your sacred place of inspiration.

From Slovenia to the United States, from lakes, caves, and forests to mountains, meadows, and jungles. Wherever we looked, there was a guitarist ready with a .strandberg*.

Get a true view of all contributions by searching #strandbergsummertour on Instagram. We promise it’s a great way to move your mind back into the summer breezes. 

You could also scroll down and take a look at our top picks from @the_collection_ist, @_higitusfigitus, aleksandr bissekerskij, @mariyapulina, @newhorizonsofficial and the winner @therealjoshfraser to feel the warm winds of summer.

aleksandr bissekerskij
winner: @therealjoshfraser

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