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How To Maintain Your .strandberg* Guitar

This article is the first of many that we will be producing to help .strandberg* owners become familiar with their instruments. Whether you want to re-string your guitar or just make slight adjustments, this series will provide a guide to help you achieve that and much, much more. This time around we will have a look at some of the tools that you will need to get started.


Every new .strandberg* guitar comes equipped with a set of 6 tools to make servicing your .strandberg* easier.

Below is a list of the tools, explanations and visuals to help illustrate their purpose and to get your familiar with them.

Let’s get out those tools!

  1. 6mm T wrench
  2. 4mm T wrench
  3. 3mm Allen wrench 
  4. 2mm Allen wrench
  5. 1.5mm Allen wrench
  6. .09mm Allen wrench

6mm T Wrench

The 6mm T wrench is the largest of the two T wrenches that are provided. This wrench can help make tuning your .strandberg* guitar easier and quicker. Although it is possible to use your fingers, we highly recommend using this T wrench when re-stringing your guitar.

4mm T Wrench

The 4mm T wrench is the smallest of the two T wrenches and serves two purposes; 1. Adjust the tension of your guitar’s truss rod and 2. Raise and lower the height of the bridge posts on .strandberg* guitar that has tremolo bridge.

3mm Allen Wrench

Want to re-string your guitar? Use the 3mm Allen wrench. This is the largest of the 4 included in this set and is specifically used to loosen and tighten the string locks when stringing your guitar.

IMPORTANT: When tightening these components we recommend using the wrench in the standing up position (as illustrated in the second image below) to avoid damaging your instrument.

2mm Allen Wrench

Need to tweak the intonation on your .strandberg*? Grab the 2mm Allen wrench. This tool will make it a breeze to loosen and tighten the string saddle screws so you can slide the string saddle forward and backward to find the correct intonation position.

IMPORTANT: When tightening these components we recommend using the wrench in the standing up position (as illustrated in the second image below) to avoid damaging your instrument.

1.5mm Allen Wrench 

For owners that have guitars with tremolos, the 1.5mm Allen wrench will assist you with two tasks; 1. Adjust the tremolo arm tension screw (by adjusting this you can determine the position of the trem arm to your liking)  & 2. Tremolo spring lock screw (these screws lock the springs in place so you never have to be concerned with them popping out of the tremolo block). Should you need to remove the tremolo bridge you would use this Allen wrench to loosen the screws to remove the springs prior to removing the bridge.

.09mm Allen Wrench

To adjust the action on your .strandberg*, use the .09mm Allen wrench. The sole purpose of this tool is to loosen or tighten the string saddle set screw. Loosening this screw will enable you to raise or lower the saddle to achieve your ideal string height/action. Once you action is set, you would re-tighten this set screw to lock the position of the saddle back into place.

Now that you have a basic understanding of the tools required to service your guitar, next time we will focus on How To Re-String Your .strandberg* and actually put these tools to work.

IMPORTANT: Should you have any concerns with using any of the tools discussed in this article, we recommend contacting us or a reputable guitar technician to help you.

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