Dylan Reavey Performs “Fantasma” on the Boden Standard NX 6 Green

Dazzling the senses with an array of fun fusion guitar leads, dizzying chord modulations, and layers of beautifully-arranged MIDI instrumentation, .strandberg* artist and Brisbane-based guitarist Dylan Reavey performs his original track “Fantasma” on the new Boden Standard NX 6 Green!


If you’d like to learn about how Dylan composed his original Boden Standard NX 6 demonstration track “Fantasma”, watch his latest tutorial below to see how he approached composing such an intricate song, how he converted MIDI arrangements into guitar parts, the process of crafting his guitar tone, and more.

Be sure to follow Dylan on InstagramYouTube, and Twitter to keep up with his latest videos, lessons, and more. You can learn more about the Boden Standard NX line here.

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