Dead by April

Marcus Wesslén


Marcus Wesslén, born in 1982, is the bass player in the Sweden-based pop-metal band Dead by April. Before his work in Dead by April, Marcus played bass for many years in several bands including the successful death metal act By Night. Marcus has been with Dead by April since the band’s inception and first performed live with them in 2007. Since then, the band has toured all over the world and performed with countless other acts including Slipknot, Linkin Park, In flames, Killswitch Engage, Avenged Sevenfold, and more.

“I have played a few bass brands through the years and was quite happy with most of them, or at least I thought! When Ola Strandberg came to our studio and brought Pontus (the singer/guitar player of Dead by April) a new guitar, he also brought a bass. I tried it and I loved it just by holding it, but this was before the basses were completed, so this was just a test. However, around one year later, I reached out to Ola and I was on board!” – Marcus Wesslén

Aggressive and sophisticated with the distinctive .strandberg* sonic character

Boden Bass Prog 5 Brown

The Boden Bass Prog model was developed for bass players who seek a more modern and aggressive sound that can be fine-tuned with the utmost precision. Featuring a lightweight chambered Swamp Ash body with solid Flame Maple top and Roasted Maple neck with Ebony fretboard, the natural acoustic sound is balanced with plenty of girth but with a bright cutting edge when needed with the bass’s onboard preamp equalization well as the controls on the amplifier. The Ebony fretboard is slick and fast to play, while also providing a lot of highs that help you cut through the mix.

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"The Boden Bass is by far the best one I have ever tried. The sound fits my style just perfectly, and the feel is great! It looks really badass if you ask me, and I wouldn't trade it for any other bass."

Marcus Wesslén