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All Things 7 Strings with .strandberg* Artist Connor Kaminski

From the added low string possibilities to a whole new world of potential chord shapes and voicings, extended range 7- and 8-string guitars offer completely gamechanging benefits from their 6-string counterparts. Watch as .strandberg* artist and UK-based prog metal phenom Connor Kaminski demonstrates why he loves his Boden Prog NX 7, what the benefits of playing and extended range model are, and how it allows him to channel his full creative potential.

Discover the Extended World of .strandberg*

Our artists’ journeys underscore the vast potential and versatility of 7- and 8-string guitars. If the allure of extended range and multiscale designs has captured your imagination, we invite you to dive deeper.

Revisit our initial post on the advantages of transitioning to these guitars, and explore our entire range of 7 string models and 8 string models to find your ideal match.

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