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We strive to achieve and maintain the highest quality standard possible on all of our guitars, whether that is in design, engineering, materials, components, and workmanship. It is a never-ending goal to attain perfection but we do have to face the reality of dealing with two factors that are inherently imperfect: woods and human labor.


The Beautiful and Expected Character of Wood

Woods are organic natural materials that vary widely in density and composition from one log to another, even of the same species from a single tree. Woods cannot and never will have the consistency of plastic, metals or glass. Even with this challenge, we design and build the instruments to hold extremely tight tolerances — within hundreds of a mm/thousands of an inch.

This endeavor is combined with human labor and workmanship. Our builders all have a minimum of 8 years of experience in guitar building and assembly but even they make very minor mistakes while handling the instruments during production. Sometimes the minor finish blemishes cannot be repaired since the materials are — you guessed it — imperfect woods. Beautiful materials and many hours of sanding, painting and assembly have already gone into these instruments but a very small percentage of instruments end up with some “beauty defects” that cannot be removed or repaired without damaging the instrument even further.


The Most Sustainable Alternative

The beauty of a musical instrument like the guitar is that it is made of woods and handcrafted by skilled guitar builders and workers who genuinely care about building superb instruments. They work with a sense of passion and pride when building our guitars. It would be a shame to discard these still-beautiful instruments with highest quality materials and the time that have been put into them.

With these factors in mind, we sell these instruments as Refurbs. Sometimes the guitars are slightly used demo guitars used at trade shows or loaned to artists so they have slight wear and can be considered used but in virtually perfect condition otherwise. Some are guitars from the factory which we find during our QC inspection to have the beauty defects and minor finish blemishes that inevitably occur during production.


A Great Deal on a Great Instrument

Whatever the case, we can assure you that these are still great instruments that have perfect functionality and playability. They are fully QC-inspected and set up to exacting specifications before making them available for sale as Refurb at a significant discount. The Refurb guitars have the same warranty coverage as well as the same 30-day return policy like all of our guitars. In some cases, a Refurb guitar may have a beautiful top with a particular figuring that a “perfect” guitar may not have.

Overall, Refurb guitars provide an excellent value when you consider that a brand new “perfect” guitar may very well develop some small dings, dents and other “beauty marks” after your first gig with it. The charm of owning a musical instrument is that every single one is a true one-of-a-kind. And it will continue to develop its own personality (and beauty defects!) the more it gets played in your hands, night-after-night, gig-after-gig. If you are mainly about taking the guitar out there and playing hard and don’t want to worry about getting little dings, it makes sense to consider a Refurb and use the savings to add a new boutique overdrive pedal to your rig or take your significant other to a nice restaurant!

Headless Boden Graphite Classic 7 featuring a black pearloid pickguard and roasted maple fretboard.

Buy With Confidence

• Same warranty coverage
• Same 30-day no-risk return policy

Photos of the “beauty defects” can be provided upon request before purchase.

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