The Singularity reaches a new apex with the revolutionary True Temperament fretting system

Singularity NX 7 True Temperament


Per Nilsson’s ultimate vision of Singularity takes the Boden to a whole new universe

Per Nilsson, the Swedish guitar virtuoso who has displayed his mind-bending technique and musicality with cutting-edge bands Meshuggah, Scar Symmetry and Kaipa, has always pushed the boundaries of metal and prog to new frontiers. Combining an encyclopedic knowledge of the guitar with boundless energy, Per continues to take modern metal and prog guitar playing to new heights of technical inventiveness and musical creativity. This uncompromising mindset has also played a major factor in the development of the new Singularity NX 7 True Temperament model that is unlike any other Boden models to date.



True Temperament – a tuning revolution

Following the Boden True Temperament 6, 7, and 8-string models introduced in 2020, the Singularity True Temperament models offer the same tuning benefits that have to be heard and felt to be believed. When notes are almost perfectly in tune with each other, the strings vibrate more freely and loudly. This results in increased volume and sustain of the instrument.

The difference may be subtle at first but, the more you play, the more you will hear the benefits that the True Temperament frets provide. Not only will the natural acoustic character sound more pleasing and sweeter to your ears but you will also notice a blooming character that you not only hear but feel in your hands and against your body.

A modified EndurNeck™ shape

The Singularity True Temperament models also feature a first: a modified EndurNeck™ shape with rounded edges of the offset wedge that runs across the back of the neck. It is still definitely our famous patented EndurNeck™ but the overall feel is a little rounder and feels less “radical”. Designed and fine-tuned as requested by Per, you still get all the ergonomic benefits offered by the EndurNeck™ but with a smoother transition as your hand glides up and down the neck. The result is a super smooth and fast playing neck that will take no time to adjust to.

Striking New Look and Sound

The new Singularity True Temperament continues the Singularity tradition of paradigm-shifting looks with its aggressive yet mysterious looking etched finish – Boden Singularity NX 7 True Temperament. Complemented by black colored hardware, the Singularity NX 7 True Temperament truly lives up to its name. This is a guitar that will get noticed and stand out on stage like a quasar in deep space.

The Singularity NX also takes a quantum leap sonically over the previous version with a Solid American Basswood body and Swamp Ash top, carbon fiber reinforced Roasted Maple neck with Richlite fretboard and the highly touted Lundgren Vintage Modern pickups that are angled towards the bridge for improved treble response and chunkier palm muted sounds, ideal for intense Djent riffing and making this groundbreaking guitar the ultimate metal machine.

Composer | Guitarist

Per Nilsson

Much more than a hired gun guitarist, Per is also a prolific writer and producer who does mixing, mastering and full production work for numerous other bands. Very active in the thriving underground metal scene, Per has an extensive list of credits not only with his band Scar Symmetry but with Kaipa and numerous other notable metal acts as a guest artist as well as producer and/or mixing engineer.

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Per Nilsson

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