.strandberg* ACME VitalGrip Guitar Strap


Your .strandberg* guitar is shaped and designed for the ultimate comfort, so for the best playing experience, we teamed up with basiner to create the best strap for your .strandberg*. With the rear strap button placed higher than most standard guitars, many conventional straps are simply too long – especially if you wear your guitar high. Additionally, rather than utilizing specialized strap lock buttons that may not work without special attachments, the basiner-designed VITALGRIP™ provides a completely secure locking mechanism without the need for special attachments. Check out the basiner web site for a full description and user guide.

The strap is adjustable for a total length between 90 – 108 cm (35″ – 42.5″).

£52.00 (incl. £10.40 VAT)

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The strap is adjustable for a total length between 90 – 108 cm (35″ – 42.5″).

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29 May 2020
Andrew M.
Who knew I could love a strap this much?

Super comfy, and the secondary rubber pad helps lock the strap onto the strap buttons and keep the guitar secure, without dealing with the annoyance of strap locks or a ratchet system. Extremely comfortable!

19 Apr 2020
Peter R.
.strandberg* ACME VitalGrip Guitar Strap

Very comfortable strap. Very easy to adjust the length for different playing positions. I almost don't notice I'm wearing the strap, which is something I've never been able to say about other guitar straps.

15 Apr 2020
Sami P.
Acme VitalGrip Strap

It’s a little bit too short for me. It hurts my back. Otherwise it’s a great strap.

14 Apr 2020
Daniel S.
Vitalgrip design issue

The strap itself is comfortable and feels sturdy. However, I really think the vitalgrip design leaves some room for improvement. It was incredibly difficult to get the material to bend properly to the needed angle to slide over the strap button on the Boden Fusion. It took several tries to get it right, and aggravated my RSI in the process. Once attached the leather pad makes an annoying squeak against the body of the guitar anytime you move, which undoubtedly will wear down the paint over time. My guess is that the strap button on the guitar does not have enough height to allow the vitalgrip strap panels to sit ever so loosely once attached, which would also explain why the second panel of the vitalgrip is so hard to get into position and squeaks with the slightest movement. Strandberg design is generally so good that I'm wondering if I'm attaching the strap wrong. The instruction video on the basiner website is not helpful, to say the least, and while the provided instructions should be straightforward, I had a miserable time getting that strap on to and then off of the guitar; which is a shame because I prefer to have the strap on and this one in particular is very comfortable.

11 Jun 2020
.strandberg* Guitars EU

Daniel, thanks for your feedback on the Vitalgrip strap. The strap locking mechanism can appear tight when the strap is brand new but does ease up with use. The design tries to balance security through a tight fit, with ease of use, and, more importantly, to be secure when using a standard strap button. We will certainly take your comments on board, and work towards improving the design for future revisions.

29 Mar 2020
Daniele T.
yes, it's no typo: this sounds great, and like no other!

there's so many straps out there, but it seems most of them have chromed bolts, skulls pics, cowboy prints, or age-of-aquarius patterns, none of which i feel inclined towards. so the ACME proposition was worth trying out, why not, it has a very subdued, minimal design that mates greatly with the understated beauty of my .strandberg* guitar. a strap that's indeed like no one else, that's what this VitalGrip is: shape, materials, dimensions, it's clear that a lot of engineering attention went into its design, and manufacturing options. i like to wear my own quite high, it helps to spread my fingers wider, for weirder intervals, but even for those who like to hang it low, there's ample run to lean onto. tabs that lock in place without rubber grommets for safety, or obtrusive specialized hardware, really do their job at their safest, and most discreet of ways. and, but that's just me, the friction of the tabs' material on the body triggers wonderful tones from the strings' resonance, which has become part of my noise arsenal... sure, a strap is a strap, and there's no reason why any of your straps, or mine, wouldn't work on a .strandberg*... but this goes the extra mile, and seems driven by the same obsession for perfection in engineering that drove the design of the guitar herself, so it's a tight match, and the best sounding one!