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.strandberg* Playground


The Boden – a guitar that looks, feels and plays like no other also sounds like no other. Big, clear, balanced and dynamic, the Boden has a unique sonic characteristic that sets it apart from the rest.

You can now hear the tonal differences between the various Boden models and help you decide which will suit you the best for your personal playing style and taste. With the Boden, the natural acoustic characteristics of the various woods really come to the forefront while responding to your pick attack and personal touch with superb articulation and sensitivity.

After comparing the different Boden models to each other, please visit the TonePedia site to compare them to guitars from other major brands to experience how different the Boden sound really is.

And lastly: Please wear high quality headphones for the best experience! Don’t expect to hear all the nuances from your phone or laptop speakers. The player will mute without headphones on some devices.

Try out the .strandberg* pickups:

Feel free to play around but if you want to understand more of the different sound aspects you can access this cheat sheet that will help you understand the differences you hear. Start by comparing the Original 6 to the Prog 6 which has a fixed bridge / tremolo and maple / ebony fingerboard. You can hear that the prog is noticeably brighter from ebony board and tremolo bridge for example.

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