The original design, refined and perfected for the present and the future

NX Concept


Since the revolutionary .strandberg* Boden quietly made its appearance in the underground guitar community 12 years ago, it ignited the most significant revolution in the guitar world in many decades. Headless guitars are here to stay and growing ever stronger in the 21st century amongst guitar players who are more interested in forging new ground in the future than adhering to traditions of the past.

The Boden design has gone through various iterations with the start of the first Made to Measure guitars in 2010. Since then, a limited number of Custom Shop offerings from various small manufacturing sources in the US, Sweden, and Japan and, in 2015, the first production line of the models – the Boden OS – were developed and manufactured in Asia to reach a wider range of players all around the world. The great success of the Boden OS line led to the launch of the Original, Prog, Fusion, Metal, Classic and various artist edition models which became even more successful, reaching the mainstream guitar markets from the US and EU to the Far East, Southeast Asia, Australia, and South America. The Boden has become a global guitar phenomenon.

Even with this success, we never rested on our laurels and continued to invest in R&D, in our manufacturing capacity, customer service, and expansion of our distribution facilities to develop the next generation of Boden models that provide an even greater playing experience than ever before for serious players who seek the very best in quality as well as innovative features not found on any other guitars. Our motto is that there is always room for improvement and refinement and the new Boden NX is the culmination of over a decade of experience working with world class manufacturers, artists, and retailers as well as listening to our community of .strandberg* players.

The world is changing faster than ever before and even a successful revolution needs to adapt and evolve to meet the requirements of the changing times. Based on the feedback from our community of artists, fans and players, the reference Boden design has been further refined visually, ergonomically, sonically, and functionally to realize its maximum potential.

The new specs and features were carefully considered and implemented with the future in mind – both aesthetically and functionally – to provide instruments that use sustainable materials, new hardware to improve performance and reliability, and subtle ergonomic design tweaks that further enhance the comfort and playability of the Boden instruments. Many of these refinements are under the hood, so to speak, but these tweaks and updates offer significant benefits that will pay dividends to the player over the long term.

Improved ease of maintenance with more robust hardware components, the new neck-body joint heel and arm contour for even greater comfort, new tone woods sourced for sustainability that make the instruments sound even better than before, and subtle visual appointments that further enhance the overall look of the iconic Boden design amalgamate in a seamless fashion for a significant update of the Boden lineup. The result is the Boden NX: the next generation of Boden models that elevate the design to a new level of performance and playing experience.

A Fresh New Look with New Colors

– In Tune with Nature

The Boden NX gets a visual update with new colors and finishing technique during the manufacturing process that allows the colors and the figuring of Maple tops to really pop and have a more three-dimensional appearance. The colors were carefully chosen for their depth and ability to invoke scenes of nature and the various moods they convey. We can confidently say that these are the best colors and finishes we’ve developed and produced for our production model guitars.

The new color-matched foil logos nicely accentuate the finishes while adding a touch of refinement and sophistication. Natural scraped binding enhances the famous Boden body shape while highlighting the contrast between the darker colored back and the elegant sunburst colors on the top.



New Neck Joint Carve and Arm Cut for Greater Comfort and Enhanced Playability

You provided feedback and we listened. Based on our constant communications with our community of artists, players, and fans, we worked on achieving easier access for playing on the upper register of the fretboard as well as improving comfort in the area of the body where the player’s forearm rests. Subtle but highly effective, these updates further refine the ergonomic benefits of the Boden design so that you can focus on your playing and your music.


EGS Rev 7 Hardware Adds Robustness and Ease of Maintenance

At .strandberg*, we are always looking for ways to improve the player’s all-around playing and ownership experience. The all-new EGS Rev 7 hardware looks just like the previous version but the “under-the-hood” updates are substantial in that they improve the hardware’s reliability, functionality, tonal character, and ease of maintenance while retaining backwards compatibility.

The new Rev 7 bridge features a self-locking mechanism that grips a new larger hex saddle. The bridge no longer has the M2 set screw on the side of the bridge that was tightened to keep the saddle from moving. Our provided tool or a 4mm socket key can now be used to adjust the action, making string changes and setups easier and quicker. The solid grip of the larger saddle by the bridge also allows for more vibrational energy of the strings to be transferred into the body, resulting in increased sustain and a bigger and punchier acoustic tone.


From a distance, the new Rev 7 string lock looks the same as before but, upon closer inspection, you will quickly see that it is quite different. Instead of an individual lock for each string, the Rev 7 string lock is a one-piece assembly that works for all strings. This improves the robustness in the area behind the nut and will be much more reliable over the life of the guitar. The Rev 7 string lock also features extended “guides” behind each string lock area to keep the clipped string ends away from your fingertips. A small detail that you’ll appreciate every time you complete your string changes!

Redesigned Knobs

The redesigned ergo knobs are knurled to provide a better grip as you make volume and tone adjustments as well as having an indent so you know where your settings are at all times without having to look down on the guitar. Small details like this mean fewer things to worry about so you can focus on your playing.



To get the most out of the new Rev 7 hardware, the new NX Multi-Tool is included so you can quickly make string changes and setup adjustments without fiddling with numerous wrenches. The tool can also hang from a key chain or magnetically attach behind the headstock or wherever you choose so you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that you’ll be ready to make any adjustments quickly and efficiently.

Redesigned Knobs

The redesigned ergo knobs are knurled to provide a better grip as you make volume and tone adjustments as well as having an indent so you know where your settings are at all times without having to look down on the guitar. Small details like this mean fewer things to worry about so you can focus on your playing.

Boden Prog NX 6

Eco-Friendly Materials and Manufacturing Processes

The world is changing fast and not always for the better when considering the environment. With this in mind, we looked at various ways to save valuable resources like wood and find ways to produce guitars that reduce waste and harmful pollution. One of those tasks was to look at alternative woods and materials. One significant change we decided on was to use Sassafras as an alternative to Swamp Ash for the Original NX and Prog NX models due to the increasing scarcity of Swamp Ash.


Sassafras is an excellent tone wood with a look, weight, and sound that is similar to Swamp Ash but also different in some ways. Tonally, it can be considered somewhere in between Alder and Swamp Ash with a little more mid-midrange richness and warmth while retaining the characteristic high-midrange punch that Swamp Ash is known for. The first production run of the Original NX and Prog NX models will feature Sassafras for body wood but, alas, due to various supply chain and logistical issues around the world, our manufacturing partner advised us that the supply of Sassafras is very constrained, not due to scarcity. After the first production run, the Original NX and Prog NX models will again feature Swamp Ash. We believe Sassafras is a special tone wood that has a unique sonic character of its own but, for now, it will only be available for the first production run.


Another alternative material we settled on is Richlite as a replacement for fretboard material on the Prog NX and Metal NX models. Introduced on the acclaimed Boden 6 DR Titanium Limited Edition model, Richlite was resoundingly approved by our artists and community of players. A composite wood material, Richlite is extremely stable while possessing a slick and fast surface and displaying the jet-black look that players love about Ebony. Tonally, Richlite is similar to Ebony but with slightly less high-end presence that can sometimes be a little too piercing and thin out the overall sound. Richlite retains the best tonal characteristics of Ebony while adding more body to the high-mids, resulting in a well-rounded tone that will work well for a variety of genres and styles. The stability of Richlite also ensures long-term reliability and all but eliminates shrinkage and drying that cause sharp fret edges and cracks in the wood. After many months of testing, we can certainly vouch for all the benefits that Richlite provide over Ebony.

Flame & Quilted Maple

For the Original NX, Prog NX and Fusion NX models, we decided to use plain solid Maple top with highly figured Flame and Quilted Maple veneer to ensure greater visual consistency and quality. While this may seem like a cost-cutting move, the reality is that solid high-grade figured Maple lumber is exceedingly difficult to source for the manufacturing of musical instruments. Also, it is our belief that solid plain Maple is more structurally stable than figured woods and that it provides a more robust, balanced, and consistent tone. Visually, we’ll be able to provide more consistently stunning looking figured Maple tops from guitar to guitar. With better tone and better looking tops, you can be assured that each Boden NX guitar will sound and look its very best.

Less Waste

One other change we made for the NX models is to not use roasted Maple for neck material. This is a manufacturing related decision to prevent waste during production as roasted Maple tends to get brittle and chip during the fabrications process, resulting in many necks (and valuable wood) being discarded. With conservation in mind and to reduce unnecessary waste, the NX models now feature plain kiln-dried Maple with a subtle vintage tint for an understated and classy look.

Venture Gig Bag – A New Standard for Guitar Mobility

A big part of the .strandberg* DNA is mobility and being able to take your favorite guitar easily and with comfort anywhere and at any time for whatever occasion – your gigs for sure but also on a camping trip to the great outdoors. The new Venture Gig Bag is a major upgrade over the Standard Gig Bag and even the Deluxe Gig Bag in terms of features as well as in improved carrying comfort, all-weather protection, safety, and robustness to protect your valuable .strandberg* instrument.

The New Venture Gig Bag

Much thought went into the design of the Venture Gig Bag in conjunction with the development of the NX models. Tested in the “wild” in various environments and weather conditions, the Venture Gig Bag can withstand various hazards with water-tight protection while being sleek and lightweight for easy mobility wherever you go. Ample pocket room, a “G-hook” to hold the guitar securely in place, sturdy feet on both the bottom and side, dual or single strap use (ideal for transport while riding a bike), pull-out rain cover, Fidlock magnetic locks, a hidden valuables pocket, reflective areas for nighttime visibility, and a stow-away pocket for unused strap(s) are some of the features of this no-compromise gig bag.

With 165 gsm weight per square meter rating for the outer fabric and optimized density 10mm sponge foam along with TPU waterproof zipper and rain cover, you can take comfort in a gig bag that will withstand the rigors of the road and that your instrument will be well protected. Previously only available with the Boden 6 DR Titanium Limited Edition model, the Venture Gig Bag is now offered with every NX model guitar to provide the ultimate in mobility, style and protection.


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