Understated yet stylish, the Plini Edition exemplifies the artistic vision of Plini

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.strandberg* and Plini have had a special working relationship since the outset of the prog virtuoso’s burgeoning career. Even when Plini was still a college student studying architecture and making home videos, we instantly recognized the abundance of Plini’s talent as both a guitar virtuoso and as a composer who writes and produces immediately identifiable and original music.


Plini on stage with his signature headless guitar

Over the years, we have worked closely with Plini to develop instruments to his exacting specs that match his vision of how his ideal guitar looks, plays and sounds. Aesthetically and technically, the Plini Edition instruments embody a meticulous fusion of modernistic minimalism and organic nature – woods and cutting-edge technology melding into a whole that exudes simplicity, class and sophistication.

Understated yet stylish, the Plini Edition exemplifies the artistic vision of Plini – both as a live performing guitarist and as a recording musician. From the choice of woods used and the moon inlay on the fretboard to the pickups and minimalist controls, every detail has been carefully thought out to reflect Plini’s aesthetic sensibilities as well as sonic requirements.

Like our Prog model, the Plini Edition features chambered Swamp Ash body with a solid Maple top and Australian Blackwood veneer for defined and punchy acoustic character that emphasizes the upper midrange. The Maple neck reinforced with carbon fiber and Ebony fretboard provides brilliance and high-end presence to help cut through the mix. The overall character is clear yet balanced with strong tight lows, girthy midrange and singing highs.


Simple yet versatile, the dual humbucker configuration with a single volume knob and custom 3-way wiring provides all the sounds Plini needs to cover a wide variety of sonic textures. Plini made it quite clear that he only wanted what he uses and did not want extra features or options that he would never use. The result is a guitar with three exceptional sounds: bridge humbucker for heavy rhythm and searing leads, neck humbucker for warm rhythm and liquid leads and a middle setting that splits the coils of the two humbuckers and combines them for a jangly and sparkling clean single-coil sound.

The Plini Edition is now available in two versions: the original bolt-on model featuring Suhr SSH+ and SSV humbuckers and the new neck-thru-body model with our new Plini Edition humbuckers wound to Plini’s specifications and manufactured by Michael Frank in Southern California. Both the pickups and the neck-thru guitar required nearly two years of development time since they required Plini’s thorough testing in both live and recording environments.

In the end, it was time well spent to assure that the guitar can endure the rigors of world tours as well as meet the requirements of critical recording sessions. The Plini Edition models – like all of our artist edition models – are exactly as Plini plays them; these aren’t production versions of special custom one-offs that many other artists tend to play.

Experience an iconic .strandberg* guitar as performed by an iconic instrumental prog artist of our era. The Plini Edition is an unprecedented synthesis of modern minimalism, industrial design and technical sophistication with natural organic materials that has already made it a classic of the 21st century.

Composer | Guitarist


One of the most promising and highly acclaimed new guitar players and composers to burst onto the crowded prog-metal and instrumental guitar music scene in a long time, Plini – hailing from Sydney, Australia – combines masterful guitar virtuosity with a highly developed sense and style of composition that has won a dedicated following all around the world.

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